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High thyroglobulin level & increase in goiter size

My 56 year old husband has an upcoming biopsy due to a 30% increase in goiters his doctor has been watching for last 6 years or so. His most recent thyroglobulin level, from a test last week, is 1445.7. That seems very high. Please, any advice would be appreciated. We are both very frightened that it is cancer. We know there are other thyroid disorders. He has always been asymptomatic, except for recent occasional pressure in his throat.
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How is your husband? How was the biopsy and result? I understand your concern regarding this and indeed, not knowing what the test result means and waiting for the biopsy causes anxiety. A thyroglobulin test may suggest hyperthyroidism, Graves disease,  thyroiditis or possible malignancy and it is best that you discuss the results with his attending physician for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
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