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I don’t see endo for the first time until February 18, 2019

Had TT on December 7, 2018. I am now 9 weeks post and am feeling irritated. I did not have a blood pressure issue before the surgery, now I do and I’m taking medicine for this. Secondly, I go through hot flashes.  I was just shifted from 100 mcg to 112 mcg of levothyroxine two weeks ago. They won’t look at labs again until 6 weeks from now. Sometimes, I feel this vibration or maybe its shakiness but its internal, like I’m buzzing. I occasionally get constipated, no diarrhea, no racing heart, actually my heart rate is slow. Wound up in the ER almost two weeks ago with a blood pressure of crisis, ugh and then had to do another stress test which I passed. The ER runs total T3 and T4 along with Tsh but getting any of my other doctors to run. Free T3 along with free T4, they won’t do it.  I want to crash every night at 6 pm and I’m fighting it as my sleep during the night is crap, always waking up all different hours.  The day after surgery my potassium was below normal and the night of the ER my potassium was again below normal. I eat potassium so can’t figure this one out unless losing in urinating. Primary did give me potassium chloride but geez after reading some of these side effects who wants to take them, lol  Any advice on vitamins will surely be appreciated. I am feeling the ones I take now are not being accepted as warmly as they once were and I take them 9 - 12 hours after Levothyroxine. Just venting. I may wind up having to pay out my behind for a doctor willing to help replace some of my lost hormone correctly.  Anyone have these symptoms?  Even sweating? I feel like I’m going through menopause again. I am 60.
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Quick question for you did you always have hot flashes on 100mcg and the 112mcg or did your hot flashes start on the 112mcg?  I had thyroidectomy for for cancer 10/2016 it has been a crazy stupid ride to say the least.
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It takes 6-8 weeks to see if the medication change is working and if you could post what test results you were given with the ranges and I'm sure Gimel,Barb,telus2 or red_star will come along and advise.

Sorry for 2 part post but the reply area here is so tiny.
Yes I had hot flashes and sweats off both. And I’m post  menopause 10 years.  I have horrible anxiety. They gave me Xanax. I’m a mess
I can post my lab work later.
Did you suffer from menopausal hot flashes prior to thyroidectomy ? I had a hysterectomy 15yrs ago have always been on estrogen so I never experienced hot flashes.  

It wasnt until after I was put on 112mcg synthyroid absolute nightmare that I started to sweat so bad. if you look up the additives in the 112mcg it's has a tree ingredient for me thats bad news I have allegies to some trees did allergy injections for 6 years.  

Aniexty I had this too for a while but my life these past 2 years have been trying I developed Psoriatic Arthritis brought on by the thyroidectomy and spent a ton of time house bound because of severe legs pains.

Definitely try posting your recent blood test with ranges...very helpful.
Oh I’m so sorry, what is the point of the thyroidectomy if we are coming down with other disease. I dont even sleep well. I take levothyroxine. My insurance doesn’t pay for sinthroid.
Your insurance won't pay for synthyroid . I'm guessing they will only pay for the generic. I would still suggest you add your recent labs with ranges along with your medication dose...I haven't seen Gimel comment to you yet.  
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