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Medullary Thyroid cancer

Anyone diagnosed with Medullary Carcinoma? If so, how long ago, and what, if any, treatment are you having.
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Hi there!

Medullary thyroid cancers often run in families and would require expensive surgery; +/- radiotherapy +/- chemotherapy (high risk cases) for adequate treatment. Also often they occur as a part of syndromes where active search for other possible tumours in the body is indicated. It would be best to discuss the situation and the suggested management plan in detail with the treating doctor.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Yes, I am aware of this. I am a "sporadic" medullary cancer patient and looking for others who have this type of cancer.
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Just wanted to stop by and say hello.  Mine was papillary, .. hope you meet others on the community to chat with.

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Thanks for the comment, but so far, have yet to speak with anyone on this site diagnosed with medullary. :(
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I'm going to do a shout out on the other thyroid disorders community to see if anyone there may be able to stop by ........

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