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Newly detectable Tg - recurrence??

My doctors believe I'm having a recurrence of papillary thyroid cancer.  I had a fairly large tumor that was unencapsulated, numerous lymph nodes involved, spread to the perithyroidal soft tissue and trying to get at my muscle.  I had 155 mCi of i-131.

My Thyrogen stimulated Tg came back 2.1 ng/mL, so detectable, and it's been <.2 ng/mL for the last 3 1/2 years.  My last unstimulated Tg in Jan. was <.2 ng/mL, I have no antibodies.  I will repeat the unstimulated Tg next month.  

Nothing was seen on a neck CT or ultrasound.  A possibly calcified lymph node had a FNAB done with Tg washout and both were negative.  

I am planning a withdrawal WBS soon and we'll see if 1. the Tg is higher and 2. something shows on the WBS.  

So, how often is something found on a withdrawal WBS that cannot be seen with CT or US?

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Thanks for your opinion!  I've discussed all the possibilities with my doctors, but I wanted to see how common it was to have something show on a radioiodine scan vs other imaging modality.  Thanks again.
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Hi there!

WBS is more sensitive than CT/ USS and it is possible to have a positive WBS with a negative CT/USS. Also an elevated Tg would favour a positive diagnosis and management would need to be planned accordingly. It would be best to discuss the situation and the management plan in detail with your treating doctor.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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