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Thyroid Nodule growth

36 year old male. I had unexplained throat pain about 5 years ago and was sent to an ENT exam. They found nothing wrong with my throat, but found that I had to thyroid nodules that were small, both less than 1 cm. I have had year ultrasounds that have shown growth primarily on my left lobe. It had grown from .9 to 1.6 cm from 2014 to 2018. I had an FNA done in March 2018 and it showed a benign impression, but carcinoma could not be totally excluded. I am told the totally excluded part is common on FNA's. Had my yearly checkup and it is now 2.3 cm. Found out I have 2 additional nodules. Those other 3 are all 1 cm or less. Ultrasound this year showed no calcification. Doctor is not concerned that I have any malignancy. I am though.

Doctor says I have no history of radiation exposure. Obviously not in a nuclear setting or anything like Chernobyl, but I have had 3 cat scans, hundreds of x-rays for orthopedic issues and have been under flouroscope multiple times.

Due to the continued growth I have concerns. Am I worried over nothing?
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