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Thyroid Ultrasound Meaning (?)

A 0.8 x 0.7 x 0.8 cm well-circumscribed, isoechoic nodule with a hypoechoic rim in the mid right thyroid lobe contains internal vascularity and small microcalcifications.
Poorly-circumscribed subcentimeter nodule in the mid right thyroid lobe.
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You really won't know the answer until you see the Endocrinologist.  Do you have scheduled appointment to see him/her yet?
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In general, the larger the nodule the more concerning and the more solid the nodule the more concerning, especially if there are microcalcifications. There are competing guidelines published by different societies on when to biopsy thyroid nodules. One approach proposed by the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound is as follows: Biopsy should be considered for solid nodule with microcalcifications measuring at least 1 cm, solid nodule with coarse calcifications or no calcifications measuring at least 1.5 cm, or mixed/solid cystic nodule measuring at least 2 cm. In your case, it would be reasonable to get close interval follow-up, then consider biopsy when the solid nodule with microcalcifications measures at least 1 cm.
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