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What would you suggest? What are your thoughts... cancer or benign?

I had a Thyroid US came back as TRAD4. FNA showed Follicular Lesion of undetermined significance now I'm waiting 4-6 weeks for molecular testing report to come back. Should I schedule an appt with a Head and Neck surgeon to get their opinion in the meantime or wait for the results like my Endocrine doc is suggesting? The anxiety I have is through the roof.
FNA results: Follicular Lesion of undetermined significance. Low cellularity with predominant Hurthloid architecture and scant amount of colloid. Architecture includes microfollicles. Individual cells show Hurthle cell changes in abundance. Colloid, macrophages, and lymphocytes are present.
What would you do? Do you think this is cancer or something benign?
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According to the American Thyroid Association, follicular lesion of undetermined significance (FLUS) means “indeterminate.” These specimens have some features that look malignant and other features that look benign. This diagnosis carries a 5-15% risk of cancer, although there is some variability among institutions. A repeat biopsy and/or genetic testing may be useful in these cases.

Source: https://www.thyroid.org/fna-thyroid-nodules/
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