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Abnormal Thyroid Tests, W/ Conflicting Dx

Here is my situation:


For last 10 years, my TSH has been suppressed.  I do not have actual labs/numbers in front of me.

T4 has always been normal, but on the borderline of low.  T3 is normal.  Dx is subclinical  hyperthyroidism  


Indicated both FREE and TOTAL Testosterone low; while DHEA-s was profoundly low   76   (194-400)

Given this info, and with everything else being equal, should I be concerned about such a low DHEA level?
I am a young man -- early 30's

Here is my situation concerning 10 years of Thyroid Functioning:

Other tests:  MRI of Brain W/Contrast of Brain - Pituitary   -Normal
Iodine Up Take Scan:  LOW  5.3%  Radiologist stated on report that this was commensurate
with HYPOthyroidism

Thyroid Antibody Tests: Normal

One doctor insists I have lymphatic thyroiditis.  Another, given same information has stated
it is subclinical hyperthyroidism.

Symptoms:  Fatigue, feel better later in the day (i..e feel great at night and into the late hours)  and always feel feel ---horrible in the morning---- even with 8 hours of sleep, recent low libido.  

The only other test I have had was a CT SCAN of both the abdomen and pelvis (because in the last 6mo I have experienced a vague, subtle but noticeable pain in the LRQ  (I would say very near the gallbladder or lower liver)
The CT Scans W/Contrast:   normal

This is my situation, and would appreciate any feedback you could provide.  I am an otherwise health male in my early 30's

Thank you for both your time and attentiveness to the many items I have mentioned.
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Dear drkatzjr,

I do understand that you are a man in early 30, been evaluated for thyroid abnormality and current concern seems to be related to Testosterone and DHEAS levels

Your initial lab test of normal T3 and T4 with suppressed TSH is consistent with the diagnosis of sub clinical hyperthyroidism. Low iodine uptake rules out hyper functioning thyroid gland and most probably it can be related to thyroiditis or increased iodide intake.  Whatever may be the reason, since your T3 and T4 are normal your thyroid status does not warrant any treatment as of now and you just follow your thyroid function test and clinical profile.

You concern also seems to be related to decreased libido, low testosterone and DHEAS. Since all your scans are normal I feel you would require an endocrinologist evaluation to assess your testis size, secondary sexual characters and also to assess other hormones like cortisol, LH and FSH.  

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. V Kumaravel
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