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On unithroid for 2 days. Are these normal effects?

I've been having a lot of hypothyroid symptoms--ridiculous fatigue, sore muscles, thin/dull hair, infertility, moodiness, (I'm on 30mg of fluoxatine), can't concentrate, acid reflux, etc. I've been to the doctor more this year than I have had in my life. I've had a CT scan/endoscopy for mystery stomach pain (all negative), odd chest pain (not racing just a pain) heart stress test negative. Doc said "oh it's just depression up your dose" (why I'm on 30 now). But I've felt this ridiculous exhaustion since having my son 3 years ago. So I went to an endocrinologist who took my labs (below).

He said that while I"m in normal range, he thought based on symptoms he would try a thyroid med. I'm on unithroid 25mcg and I've taken it for 2 days. I don't feel good on it. Dizzy/euphoric, aggitated, heart not racing just pumped up a bit. Is this the right med for me? I take my 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 at night for the low D.

Are these symptoms normal for thyroid meds? I'm wondering if I should get a second opinion, stop the meds, try different ones. I don't know what to do. I just can't keep feeling like I"m 80, tired, weak.

My phosphate is on the high side and he didn't explain that either.

creatine 0.72 (range .59-1.07)
calcium ionized 5.2 (range 4.8 - 5.6)
parathyroid (PTH) intact 48 (range 10-65)

normal parathyroid
hypoparathyroid low
hyperparathyroid ---primary--normal or high (range high)
secondary high (range normal of low)
tertiary high (range high)
non-parathyroid/hypercalcemia low or low normal (range high)

calcium 9.8 (range 8.6-10.2)

vitamin D3 27 (range 30-100)
vitamin D2 <4 (range not established)

phosphate 5.1 (range 2.5-4.5)

TSH 1.49 (range 0.40-4.50)

T4 free 1.0 (range 0.8-1.8)
T3 free 3.1 (2.3-4.2)

antibodies <10 (range <35)

thyroglobulin antibodies <20 (range <20)

thyroglobulin 17.4 (range 2.0-35.0)
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Dear maybebaby29,

Thanks for posting your query.

I do understand that you have been suffering from depression and have been evaluated for thyroid dysfunction. You also have low vitamin D levels and are receiving vitamin D supplements. Though your symptoms seem to overlap with features of hypothyroidism, your laboratory tests including T3, T4, TSH and antibodies are normal. In such a scenario, treatment with unithyroid is usually not preferred. Rarely, we may have of trial of unithyroid based on your clinical features as has been done for you. In such cases, if there is no clinical improvement we stop the medication. Since you have some worsening of symptoms, in my opinion you should discuss with your doctor about stopping your unithyroid medicines.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. V. Kumaravel
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