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Should I have quit thryoid meds cold turkey even if on low dose?

I was put on low dose tironisnt 13 mg and then increased to 25, my TSH was 2.97 (normal 0.04-5.0 according to my lab) I saw a new internal dr who said tha the thought my anixety and hot flashes were due ot the thryoid and that I did not need it. Alhtough my TSH was 1.70 so that is not hyper but after almost 2 years I stopped the thryoid, he said i did not need to tapper down since i was on the lowest dose.

I do not have all the sweats like I did, but I have put on about 7 pounds in a week, I am exercsing walking briskly 4- miles 6 days a week, accourding ot my tracker tha tI put in my food I am eating around 1000-1100 calories and good choices.

I asked two times is it okay to stop cold turkey, he assured me it was, but I have headaches, I feel super bloated eating very very little, tired and cold. I am wondering if I messed my slef up. I started taking thryoid originally because I was putting on weight, the Thryoid stopped the weight gain but never lost any and now I am back ont eh road of gainaing again.

Any ideas would greatly be helpful
Thank you
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Dear Becky,

Thanks for posting your query.
I presume you are not receiving any medication now.

As I believe that more information can help a physician help a patient better, please address the following concerns:
a.       What is your age?
b.      Would you please provide a brief medical history?
c.       Please get a thyroid profile done now. This would include Serum TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone ), Serum thyroxine  and serum thyronine levels. Please send the reports to me.

We can base our further treatment on this report.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. P V Pradeep
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