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What's In a Name?

Screen/usernames often leave us wondering - just like those vanity car license plates that spell out cryptic messages. So I if you'd like us to know more about your screen name - feel free to share a story behind your name!

My name - ChitChatNine - isn't what I started out with on the Internet 11 yrs ago.  It was ChitChat9.  But when I finally caved in and stopped using AOL as my e-mail client, ChitChat9 was taken.  So it was suggested that ChitChatNine be taken as an alternative.  Which I cheerfully accepted.  And here it is all these years later, I still remain known as ChitChatNine.  Of course, I love to talk, hence, the "ChitChat" part of the name.

So in a nutshell, that's the story behind my username.  

What's your story?

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My Username "Blsdnsvd" is abbreviated for Blessed and Saved because that is what I am in "Jesus Christ" and before I realized how long my aol screen name was (blsdnsvdbygrace), it was too late to change it...so, when i joined this site, i abbreviated it even more.
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My grandmothers name is stella and the numbers are of some personal value. Actually I need to now change my name here from stella5349 to NikkiP/stella due to getting MedHelp linkbacks on other sites as a superior site of information.
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I use the name Minicooper because I dream of owning a mini someday when I don't have to drive a big vehicle around anymore, LOL!!
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One of my closest friends nicknamed me Magpie in high school as my maiden name had MAG in it (I also liked to "talk" alot just like the bird). Magpie was taken already on this site, so I added annnie to it, as this is what my mom calls me for fun. My real name is Anne w/ a silent e (pronounced Ann).
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I finally made the plung and bought a mid sized telescope which needed a home so I built an observatory, which both needed something to do so I wrote and published a project.  When starting to study wave mechanics I figured Radio Astronomy would help and Radio Astronomy Observer worked because of it's suggested meaning, one who observes, or is learning, or...  Having been here a while I realized I should have used something that resembles my real name.  I came to MedHelp to learn more about my heart attack and have since learned of my thyroid problem, and just recently, learned the cause of an ear problem.  I have the knowledge needed and now it's just filling in some odd blanks and I don't expect to be here long so the name will stay.

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I always wondered about Stella since I knew it wasn't her name...all I ever think of is "On the Waterfront"..."Stella, Stella, Stella...".

Many years ago, my husband and I bought a boat.  We wanted to sail, but could only afford it if we lived aboard, which we ended up doing for nine years...four of them in Boston Harbor (yes, even in the winter).  We were searching for a name for our boat (you don't want to see your name on another stern every time you pull into a harbor) and coming up with nothing.  Finally, we were watching the Tonight Show, and a woman from the San Diego Zoo was on with an albino koala named Goolarra.  It means "moonlight" in the language of the aboriginal people of Australia. Did I get that politically correct, Aussies?

The boat was sold long ago, but the name has stuck...we didn't see it in any other harbors (didn't make it as far as Australia, either), and I've never found it "used" on any websites.  We pronounce it goo-LAR-a.  However, Aussie friends of ours have said that it more likely should be pronounced GOOL-a-ra (for those of you old enough to remember, think the Aussie tennis player Goolagong).  
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My name Smilerdeb comes from when I was a child.
Being a child with a heart murmur and suffering from petite mal epilepsy at the time.....my Granfather called me Smiler as he always said I was smiling.
Then when I fell pregnant at 19 (unmarried) and boyfriend told me to have an abortion or get out, (I got out and came to Australia)....my Grandfather once again called me Smiler when I returned back to the UK for a year with a 5 month old child.
Sadly when I returned to Oz, he died but he always used to ask my Grandmother where 'Smiler' was.
The Deb bit comes from my first name.
So Smiler I have been most of my life.
Hence the saying "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling'......
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Well I guess my "Screen Name"  is not all that creative  :-)  But this was a great question. Very interesting.

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McMillianNelson....you nearly have my married name in McMillan and you have my maiden name in Nelson lol.
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Moostera is a nickname my father called me when I was younger. It's a bit of an odd one! :)
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Okay then, I guess my screen name IS tricky after all :-)

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Mine's pretty obvious. I have red hair and I am an Australian; so redheadaussie it was!
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Yes, you got it right. I shudder when I think of the colloquial name some of my fellow Aussies call our indigenous people. Smilerdeb will know what I mean. Great to see you named yourself after our wonderful koala. Yes, it is pronounced GOOL-arra ..the end bit bit being very shortened. Most aboriginal names are  quite beautiful and have wonderful meanings.
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