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~* POLL ~* Do you have skin cancer concerns or other cancer?

My response:  

Many atypical moles removed suspect for melanoma .. 90% come back atypical but none so far (thank goodnesss) are melanoma.

2005:  atypical colon polyp removed

2007:  ThyCa papillary (2 very small incidental findings)

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Nyxie, you're a scream!  Mental jukebox, that's so funny!!  

As for skin cancer it's always been on my mind time to time since I was a teenager.  I have had quite a few bad burns (even got 2nd degree with sun sickness a few years ago in China) and given my history (father w/ skin cancer, his parents with multiple benign moles removed, having like 200 moles myself as well as having a benign one removed as a child) I know it's a very high likelihood that I'll get it.  I already know that I am going to have some kind of cancer in my lifetime because of my family history (I wonder if my microcarcinoma counts - probably not) so it's not going to be as traumatic as it would be for someone else.  And even though I've had family members die from their cancer I have a cousin that has been miraculously healed from cancer that should have quickly killed her TWICE (first time was extremely advanced cervical cancer and the 2nd time was a brain tumor the size of an orange).  As of her last scan a few months ago there's not a spot of cancer in her body.  So prayer really does work and God is still in the healing business.

Alright, time to get working, bleh!  Have a great weekend, everyone!!!
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I've had 4 basal cell surgeries (MOHS) and 1 major squamous cell surgery (all on my face)  Mom has had several as well.  Mine weren't moles but flaky, patchy skin that doesn't heal.  I am always on the lookout.  I am a redhead with freckles and green eyes.  I also live in a tropical climate so I wear sunscreen everyday now- even in winter since it barely gets below 70 here.  I also had papillary thyca- surgery was May 30th.
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I have skin cancer concerns.  A few funky moles.  Also, skin cancer seems to run on my maternal side (don't know if that's relevant or not).  Great g-ma had it, g-ma had it and mom has been dealing with it for the past 8 years.  I really don't want to be 4th generation, but it's always a concern.

There's also that niggling little voice in the back of my head.  *What if* there's cancer in my nodules.  Fortunately, I'm usually able to drown out that little voice by turning up the volume on my mental jukebox. La la lala.. I can't hear you!  :)
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Well I have red hair and tons of freckles so Im at higher risk for it AND I seem to be hypersensitive to the sun. I dont burn on my face I breakout/blister after about 20 minutes in the sun. So I'm really paranoid about skin cancer.

I NEVER let my boys outside without a hat or sunscreen. My eldest is also a redhead with freckles.

I lost 3 out of 4 grandparents to different cancers and now my dad has it. I'd say its bad news in my family.


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2000 - precancerous cells on papsmear, but fortunately nothing since then

2005 - melanoma - stage I, level II

2007 - suspicion of Folliculary ThyCa turned out to be benign.

Given my history and my family history, I feel like I'll be "running" from cancer my whole life.  My grandfather died from lymphoma and my mom told me yesterday that she has a tumor on her ovary this size of a fist.  She is going in next week for surgery to determine if it's malignant.  God, I'm praying for benign.  She just HAS to be okay.  
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Hopefully your moms tumor is just a fibroid. My mom had one the size of a large grapefruit..That was 20 years ago and shes still here, as sweet and dingy as ever!

Will have you and her both in my prayers!!!

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I was told when I was a little girl (considering my bleach blonde hair and weekly scolding sunburns/blisters/peeling even with sunscreen) that they'd be surprised if I didn't get skin cancer)...

2005 - follicular variant papillary thyroid cancer

3/2007 - thyca recurrence found

5/2007 - suspected colon cancer...turned out to be ischemic colitis (but says I'm completely done now)

6/2007 - suspected brain tumor...turned out to be all hyper symptoms (like I first suspected)

6/2007 - yesterday started first of three sessions to remove AT LEAST 8 moles that they suspect may be melanoma...we'll see.

My great grandfather died of brain cancer.  My grandfather died of leukemia.  My great grandmother had breast cancer-but survived it and died of old age.  My cousin (like 3rd or something) just died of melanoma 2 months ago.  It's kind of a thought that's always lingering....but I've decided to tune that voice out and just live right now for my husband and kids and make the best of it and if something ligitament comes up then I'll go in, but for now...one thing at a time.  All my blood levels on CBC were normal (still working on TSH post RAI) so as long as these moles are okay, I am done with doctors until my annual OBGYN visit (bleh) in November, which I've never had problems or family history etc. there.

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Ive had some skin cancer surgically removed from my shoulder(basil cell i think about 6 years ago.My mother died of breast cancer in 92 at the age of 53(we were living in greece at the time and it was caught late)My father had protate cancer in 96 and is still alive and healthy at 72 yrs and my sister had cervical cancer at 27..she is 40 now and living a very healthy life.Then it was my turn with thyroid cancer.Funny thing is that ive never had any grandparenta,aunts,uncles or cousins that have had cancer.All of my grandparents lived to at least 95yrs old.
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I am a redhead and light complected with freckles...sunburn easily. I have terrible sun poisoning several times....awful rashes, swelling. I am always the one at the beach in the pics with the tshirt covering the bathing suit! sheesh...I have had 2 suspicous skin lesions removed now...both turned out not to be cancerous, but the dermatologist still checks me over "with a fine tooth comb" every time! My skin is super sensitive to just about everything...here a rash there a rash every where a rash rash.....ridiculous! my poor daughter is even lighter skinned than I am!

my mom had cervical cancer, but survived that...she died of liver failure...hepatitis. my maternal grandmother died of liver cancer... I had a complete hysterectomy for ovarian tumor in 2004....I had one tumor removed 5 years before that....

my father's family is riddled with cancer....all his siblings but 2 (he had 7 brothers and sisters) have died of various forms of cancer, including thyroid.

needless to say, cancer is always a concern to me.
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just seeing if 6 is the new limit on the threads.
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