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► WOW - a new interactive Pain Tracker is Live .. you MUST check this out .. WOW is all I can say ....

►► ...  you MUST truly consider adding the Pain Tracker and start using it !!  It was released this morning and is awesome!!!

It's interactive and much different than all the other trackers we have.  You move your mouse over a grid to show your body pain and then you get to select the intensity and chart it with symptoms and type of pain and add journals and all that neat stuff we have with the other trackers but this one is really the best!!!!!

Go to My MedHelp
Go to your Tracker Panel
Go to the bottom of your Tracker Panel
Hit  "Add a Tracker"
Then look for Pain Tracker and Add it

You have to check this out.

Thanks MedHelp!!!!!!


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...this is nice, but I was unable to highlight my throat and jaw...too small an area?

could just be me.....

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If you go over it with a steady hand it should highlight .. I got mine to highlight .. let me know if that helps at all ?  Once it records the data the highlight goes away and you get a graph.  Did you get the graph at all?

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...got the neck...not the jaw.....it must be too small an area for me to target.

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OK  .. yes, I think it is too small and we cannot track that area, but what you can do is add it as a journal entry and you can mention the jaw pain and I will let our Product Development people be aware the jaw is not available and maybe they can add it for future updates!

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Thanks ChitChat!!

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Thanks here too!
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Or you can identify the lower region of the face .. that will work too cause you know it will represent the "jaw".  Glad to help!  C~
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