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~~~~ Appts / Procedures / Things Happening this Week Post them Here ~~~

I am going to pick up my disk of ultrasound done in Oct and drop off @ the radiology place where I had my u/s done a few weeks ago .. they said with the disk they will be able to compare it for changes from October and give a more detailed report vs. me just handing them a copy of the narrative report from October (the receptionist said that is all I needed to bring as the nodule was only 3mm .. what a jerk!!)

So will drop that off sometime this week.  My Endo suggested it was a good idea to do so as these are "serial" 6mo ultrasounds.

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What a jerk is right................Try and have a good day.

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To ChitChat - doing an ultrasound comparison from a report?  Yeah, right.  : P

Hoping to get antibodies and thyroglobulin tests back this week.  Got them done on the 20th and it seems like it's taking forever.  Have really mixed feelings about them.  If they're positive, at least we'll know what's causing all the "fun", but then it would mean a different treatment protocol.  If they're negative, it's good news on one hand, but then I'm still left wondering what's causing all this.  *sigh*
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I am having my endo appointment tomorrow to see what course of treatment will be.  Then Friday I am having a colonscopy...yay!  ;)
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I finally see my primary physician today.  Since my partial thyroidectomy came about in an unusual way, my primary dr. is not aware of surgery yet,  I hope this is the beginning of treatment, answers, and feeling better.
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I forgot to mention .. Dermatologist appt (surgeon for my infected granuloma removal) tomorrow to look at and hopefully remedy this annoying stitch abscess at the end of my mini-surgery/procedure done about 2 mos ago for the ruptured infected cyst/granuloma that grew inside above my incision.  It is not infected but continuously gets angry, red, oozes and feel like a splinter (a stitch) is trying so hard to poke thru and then gets better only to get all annoying/angry again and again .. Derma warned me of this .. and so far 2 stitches have successfully come thru and out but I don't want SCAR TISSUE to form at all .. it is so prominent an area as we all know so well.

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I am having a biopsy tomorrow- wish me luck.
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Good Luck Tomorrow------:)
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Well it is now 8pm and I just took me a hot shower trying to relax as I am very uptight about my visit to the suregons office for the second time this week. I just hope the delay in appt is a good thing....Hope everyone has a wonderful evening...Wish me luck tomorrow and thank you all so much for your advice and guidance.
Take Care- P
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tomorrow 5/4 another endo appt to discuss labs again...
5/10 dermatologist to have suspicious lesions looked at
5/14 regular internist appt

sheesh...feel like I live at a doc office
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Tomorrow morning I have pre-op testing for next week's (May 10) surgery to remove the rest of my thyroid.  A 6mm papillary carcinoma was found in Feb when a PT was done.  I won't know if I'll need RAI until the pathology reports from next week come in.  I'm not feeling well this week......I have fibromyralgia and being hypo makes me hurt all over even worse. My TSH was at 14.626 ( ref  .35-5.5) early March, 3 weeks after the PT so synthroid was upped to 50mcg.  Last weeks labs showed TSH at 6.084 (same ref) so now taking 75mcg. I often wonder....(Cheryl, didn't you say that you had symptons with TSH of 3.9 or so?...I) wonder if it's been the thyroid all along and not fibro. Hardly matters now.
What REALLY helps me is my yoga practice.  Physically  & mentally. Since my kids are grown (28 & 32) and out of the house (& state, boo hoo), I finally get to do things for myself.  (My hat is off to you Cheryl....4 kids and so much to deal with!!)
My best to all of you....Linda
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My son (15 years old) had his gallbladder removed today.  Just another fun genetic problem.  Pretty exhausted from that and the two jobs.  (Yawn)

Waiting on the labs I had drawn today.  I'm hoping the TSH is leveling out after the RAI - blood pressure keeps going up and down and I'm ready for the hypo/hyper to calm down.

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That feels better -
Just got my latest lab results back -
TSH 3.4 (0.5 - 4.0) aiming for 1.0
The stinking doctor says to continue as is...  did he forget I had my thyroid totally removed???  What is he thinking????  I've been on a alternate dose of 150 / 100mcg every second day for the past 12 weeks.  Before that I was on 150mcg daily but my TSH went to 0.05 so they reduced the dosage - when I was just feeling really good too.  

Now I know why it has been getting so hard to get out of bed in the morning!!!

My last lab 6 weeks ago TSH was 0.44 (0.5 - 4.0) and we were both (doctor and patient) happy.  Now 'Not happy jan'.

I've made an appointment for next Thursday - seriously he is gonna hear about it!!!  I haven't seen an endo because we don't have any in town but I'm asking for a referral (other reasons too) and I will travel.  Maybe I need the endo to write him a note saying that we are aiming for 1.0 just as the surgeon said and all the prescribing informations says.  I just don't need this now - there's not enough hours in my day as it is...

I can't see another doctor either because I'm in a small town and all the doctor's practice out of the same surgery.  Grrrrrrr!!!  

I hope it's not like this for the rest of my life!!!  

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.
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