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Another week past.

What's up for everyone this weekend? Any plans or fun things? Any news anyone wants to share? I'll be under (or over a car) in the afternoon tomorrow assisting putting a new head and intake cam on my son's car!!

Oh joy!!!

I will also be supervising my older son's "golden Birthday party on Saturday night. Lock up the BOOZE!!!

another OH JOY!!

I will  - in the early morning - Saturday driving to a friends house to have breakfast. I haven't seen her in ages.

What up with you guys?
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No real plans which is really nice!  I have on the agenda a *maybe* to clean the basement and organize it but hate to do that on a nice, Fall day!

A Pee Wee Football game is on the agenda Saturday and the good news for me is that my son's sister quit the recreational program cheerleading which means I am not splitting myself up in 2 places between practices and games.  She tried it, but isn't her thing.  She enjoys watching from the sidelines; not cheering.

That's about it .....

Enjoy the car and the booze-free party .. teens ... what a Joy!  I tell them I'll be stopping in on the party to "sample" the drinks from time to time so keep it clean!

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Well my FIRST goal is to GET MY DD OUT OF THIS HOSP....LOL..Yep I am YELLING...=)

Tonight is a big rival football game at my kids school (my old school) we wanted to go to it but not sure that will happen.

Then I just want to REST !!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend
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Lets see ......  maybe I'll drag myself back to the gym for the first time in I guess about 8 months.......... it could happen

Have to work one day this weekend, I am behind in a lot of things

Getting my 3 year old fitted for a flower girl dress that is more expensive than my bridesmaid dress (husband's cousin for some reason loves me so I have to endulge)

Birthday party for a 5 year old

Clean the house (AGAIN) - The hurricane apparently never left my house, it just apparently came through my front door and rested in my kids' rooms.


and finally, at some point, I'll have to take a rest............

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My son has a select baseball tournament this weekend, which means traveling for the weekend.

Need to clean house before my sister comes up. I am hoping my husband will be able to take over the baseball tournament, but not counting on it with his hours.
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Nice to meet you all. My hubby is in a band and they play out tonight so after resting for the day, I plan to go out dancing!
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Saturday - Taking my youngest to play in his first Rugby tournament, (we are in England so it's a bit like your American Football but without the padding or helmets!!!).  As you can imagine I am WAY more anxious about this than he is!  He can't wait to get out there and get stuck in!  His position is 'scrum half' - deep joy.....................
Oh, and cooking the first proper 'Sunday Roast' of the Autumn as the big kids are coming home!
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OOOH my goodness!!!!!!!  I'M GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deep breaths!! and my sister gave birth to a beautifull baby girl yesterday! what a week! :)

I will post pics! wish me luck all :)

Love to everyone!!!

Love Helen x x x
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playing my wii fit,
Cleaning house and working
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Hmmmm.... Tomorrow's my birthday :)  Husband's having a party for me.  What he doesn't know is I'm hopping a jet to the UK to go to Helen's Wedding :)  LOL!  I wish I was!  This weekend should be fun!!!  
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happy birthday Shari4!
congratulations helsurf!!
everyone else have a fabulous weekend!

i think we're going to a beach house with friends. . .summer is rapidly coming to a close and this weekend is supposed to be beautiful. . .

i hope my stress about my calcium & various twitches & tingles don't ruin it. . .
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