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► LOOK a new Weight Loss Tracker has been added this morning!!

Thanks MedHelp!  In our never-ending battle against the buldge with hypothyroidism, etc. this is a great tool for us here, on thyroid!

When you set up your tracker calculate your total height into inches or metrics you select ..

Example:  5" 10" is entered as 70".

GOOD LUCK and let us know how it is going!

Cheryl - Co-CL Thyroid
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To access this tracker:

Go into "My MedHelp" and then click into the Tab:  "Trackers"

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When you put in your height in inches/centimeters:  only put in the actual height numeric  ... do not repeat the inches or centimeters after the number

5' 10" Example to Use:     :  70    
                Do NOT Use    :  70" or 70cm

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Maybe I need to reset my cookies or clear my cache or something.

I still have the ovulation tracker, which hasn't been helping me at all! LOL!! :-)

But it will be a nice new feature.

Do you know, is it public access, or private?
Not that I care. I'd blow away in a stiff breeze.
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Will you make your ov tracker public so we can all follow along? ;-)

- viv
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I've been afraid to push the button.
I don't want to end up pregnant!! :-0
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Do you have the "delete" button to the left of the Ovulation Tracker?  If not you probably have a cached page or something and need to "refresh" your page ?? I'm not a techie but that is my guess .. you should have two trackers to choose from now .. ov and wt. loss .. I *think* ea. one has the option to delete it from your trackers if you install it and don't want it.

You can make them public, privage, or for friends only I think.

We have two rabbits in our home as of last year .... that was the last of even thinking of using the ov. tracker .. I have 4 kids ... and the 2 rabbits are more than enough, but you could make history if it works for you Bryan!

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typo ... new word privage .. should be "private" of course!  Just the thought of you being pregnant, Bryan, messed up the keystrokes I guess!
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Cheryl, I hope neither of your rabbits dies! It may be too late for Bryan.

- viv
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Seriously, though ... the weight loss tracker just appeared on my page. It wasn't there earlier. Thanks for letting us know about it, C.

- viv
213044 tn?1236531060
Yeah, I've got one, too.
I'll have to check it out.
I'm staying away from the other one, though. :-)
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Unfortunately,  I need a Weight GAIN ticker :(

Always been prone to weight LOSS in times of stress rather than GAIN and that stupid twigs and berries diet didn't help matters much!
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Hmmmm - maybe I should use my "driver license" weight?!?!   :-(
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