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~* Looking for a Volunteer ~* Send me a message if you are interested in making some minor updates to the Acronym Health Page ...

Looking for a volunteer to alphabatize our Acronym list alphabeticaly by Acronym.

Send me a message if you are interested in lending a hand.


Cheryl - Thyroid CL
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It's done
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Yeah .. THANKS ..you get to wear the travelling tiara until the pub is closed tonight?  OK?

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That really should be "YAY" and not "YEAH" ..but you get the idea!  C~
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I've noticed a lot of us are mentioning pub night, tiaras and chickens...what does this mean?

If this is a personal thing between a few members, then I apologize if I am being nosey.  

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tonight we have an informal TGIF at the Pub thread that is for anything and everything anybody would like to talk about!  Doesn't have to be thyroid related but many of the threads relate to thyroid events that have taken place this week!

There is a crazy joke on the board about some people who were at a campfire and toasting marshmallows when somebody put tinfoil on their head and made a hat!  So it kind of just happened that people in the community began to refer to roasting "chickens" and wearing "tinfoil hats" on bad thyroid days ........

I am glad you asked what it is all about .. and the tiara is a new hat that really isn't real or anything like that .. it is made out of tinfoil for the leader of the board .. that, according to some recent members posting it in jest!

Hope to see you on the informal thread tonight .. it is open to all as everything is open to all in the community ......

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