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~ ROLL CALL ~ Who is out there and what is your thyroid issue/condition ~

Post partial thryoidectomy 1/07 .. 2 benign and 2 small micro pap carcinomas removed.  Fully encpasulated and no lymph node involvement.

TSH is 1.7 on 88mcgs of Synthroid.  Cannot tolerate any more bcz of nervousness ,, 3mm nodule on the other side that looks on u/s like the benign one removed on other side.

1/2 the scar is really looking good .. the other half which was abscess/infected is slowly looking pretty good almost a yr later and my dermatologist says it will continue to get better daily!

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Good thing you only asked for my *thyroid* issues  :-)

08/03:  found thyroid nodule on unrelated CT scan
09/03:  ultrasound showed complex nodule with irregular margins
11/03:   Rt thyroidectomy (papillary carcinoma 5mm)
Three sisters with papillary carcinoma, one with precancer and daughter with precancer all diagnosed between 12/03 and 12/04
12/04:  Left thyroidectomy (benign)
11/06:  100mCi of RAI  (TSH and Tg stable for years then began to climb.) "significant" uptake in thyroid bed.
11/07:  I-131 uptake scan showed small amount of uptake in thyroid bed and some in my head.
11/07:  MRI showed "nothing significant" in my head (yeah, sounds about right) - will have to have another I-131 scan next year to see if still having uptake in head

Synthroid:  .15   TSH 0.9  Tg <.4

Good thing - scar looks good.  (hey, looking for *some* bright spot out there other than the ones on my uptake scan)
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Lets see: Had my first blood panel done in May 2007 thinking maybe I was heading into perimenopause. Nope!

August 2007:  2nd blood panel: Official dx of Grave's disease by my pcp. Referral given for thyroid ultrasound

Sept. 2007:  1st Ultrasound: my thyroid is enlarged and have 2 nodules, multiple cystic and solid lesions. (Sorry, can't find report for measurements."

Oct. 2007:  Radioactive Iodine uptake scan.  Of course, it showed my thyroid taking up TOO much thyroid.  Referral to endocrinologist.

Nov. 2007:  Appt. with endo, scheduled f/u ultrasound.

12/4/07:  2nd ultrasound.  My thyroid is now: left lobe, 5.2 x 2.0 x 2.3 cm; right lobe, 5.3 x 1.9 x 2.1 cm.  Isthmus is 0.6 (was 0.5 on last u/s)  I know my left lobe has grown.

Now:  waiting for my endo to get back from winter vacation and refer me to an ENT surgeon for TT...hopefully the end of Jan/early Feb.

My last labs were Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 167  (Ref <35) HIGH
Free T4:  3.0 (Ref. 0.81-8 mg/dl) HIGH
TSH <0.01 LOW
Free T3: 793 (Ref. 230-420) HIGH.

The endo did tell me med. tx was NOT for me, that I needed to decide on TT or RAI to kill off my thyroid. I'm going with TT cause of the nodules and how the RAI won't kill those off.
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Oh, I did forget to mention my PCP put me on Tapazole until I can see the endo again due to the palpitations getting worse.  He did tell me it was "only temporary until surgery is scheduled"...and thats what the pharmacist told me, too.
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I was put on Tapazole when I went into thyroid storm following my RAI.  Good stuff  'cause those palpitations and my out of control BP were getting frightening.  I was only on it for about 2 months until my TSH came back under control.
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Tapazole helped your BP?? My BP just seems to get higher and higher...and it SCARES me. I'm usually in the 115-120/72 range...my last BP reading was 145/87.  Nice to know it will help with that, too. WHEW!
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Yeah, my BP was something/111 when I went to the ER.  Scary!  I've never been taken from triage to a treatment room so quickly!  Being hyper can really mess with your BP.  Do you have a BP cuff at home??
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Was diagnosed with Hurthle cell follicular cancer 3.5 cm when I had a partial thyroidectomy on 11/30/07.  Just had the completion thyroidectomy on 12/21/07.  Still waiting for that pathology report.  I am on Cytomel 25 mg twice per day waiting for scheduled RAI in mid February.  I'm still trying to recover from the shock.
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I understand about the shock.  "Cancer" didn't really sink in for me until about a year later.  Hang in there and lean on us!!
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Do you have a BP cuff at home??

Somewhere...LOL.  I was an EMT volunteer at Dixie Regional (another IHC) MAAAANY moons ago....HAHA. I found my cuff the other day but I"m not sure if its still good or not: its been in the garage and the summer temps here get 110+ EVERY DAY. I can't use the bp machines in the stores either due to the arterial graft done on my left arm and they all sit you using your left arm.
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When I had my thyroid storm I ran to Walgreens and plunked down about $50 for one - works on either right or left arm (none of that sissy wrist stuff).  Yeah, with 110+ heat I'm sure the rubber on your BP bulb is trashed.  Dixie Regional - wow, you do know about IHC!  Some of us call IHC the Utah Healthcare Mafia (no offense to the mafia intended).  They *are* getting better though.  Hey, they even covered my thyrogen shots this year.  

Oh, if they are listening:  Love you IHC.  :-)
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I'm new to all of this, so I'm not sure of all the correct terms yet. However, I will throw in my two pennies.
9-21-07  wen't to my pcp for my complete physical- TSH 0.07 which started the ball rolling.  PCP called me back for 2nd set of testing.

10-2-07  T-4 Free 1.5
             TSH 0.06
             T-3 Free419............referred to endo dr.

Endo Dr. wanted another set of blood work and U/S & 24 hour uptake and scan

11-21-07  24 hour uptake and scan results:  24hour uptake measure 36.7%.  

11-27-07  Thyrodlbulin antibodies  <20
               Thyroid Peroxidase      <10
               T-3 Total     185
               T-3 Uptake  34
               T-4 Total  10.1
               Free T-4 Index  3.4
               TSH    0.06...............next step U/S

12-5-07  Can't find complete reading: this is partial
            0.6 cm right  thyroid nodule
            0.8 cm hypoechoic nodule  left of isthmus

           Left lobe no nodule

12-12-07 back to Endo Dr. for follow up.  Give prescription for atenelol and RAI. advise that once the cells are killed.  I will be on meds (probably) for the rest of my life.

12-27-07  18mci (millicures) RAI I-131
1-23-08    to Endo Dr. for follow up.

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ok to start with i feel heaps sorry for those of you who have or have had cancer, i hope you are all better and on your way to getting better!
i just have hashimotos thyroiditis.
no idea what my tsh is - i think its round 1 (and i feel great-ish), and my dosage is 12.5mcg (small i know - but i sure go hypo if i dont take it - and way too hyper if it take more!)
im trying to increase awareness for people who only need a small amount of medication (i started on four times what im on and was really sick) because there are probably people out there whose lives would be much better with a little bit of meds but who cant take the higher dosage (so probably dont take any at all)!
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