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Rt3 rears it's ugly head! Please advise!

To compare, labs from Feb:

Ft3  4.0          2.0-4.4  pg/ml
Rt3 10.0        9.2-24.1 ng/dL
Ft4 .80          .78-2.19 ng/dL           low
TSH. .02         .465 - 4.68 uIU/ml
tot. iron  55   30-170  ug/dL
TIBC  284       265-497  ug/dL
% sat  19        20-50%                    low
Ferritin  51.4  (no range given)
Vitamin D  32.3    30-100

April labs: Taken 14 hours after last Armour dose

Ft3  5.1           2.0-4.4 pg/ml        high
Rt3  33.1        9.2-24.1 ng/dL      high
Ft4  1.53        .78-2.19 ng/dL
no TSH on this lab
tot. iron 52      30-170  ug/dL
TIBC 288        265-497  ug/dL
% sat.  18       20-50%                  low
Ferritin 87.0  (no range given)
Vitamin B12 1000.00    239-931 pg/mL  high
Vitamin D2 <1.0       ng/mL
Vitamin D3 106       32-100 ng/mL     high
Endomysial antibody Iga      negative
t-transglutaminase tTg IgG    9 positive

t-Transglutimanase IgA         10 positive

Due to the high Ft3 and suppressed TSH from Feb., my doctor asked me to reduce my Armour by a 1/4 grain before we had RT3 results. He told me there was really no specific way to treat it, but I know from STTM there are. He said if my cortisol saliva test shows a problem we can treat that. I take the saliva test next week and will have results two weeks later.

Ferritin and Vitamin D increases are from supplementing: 2 TBS Black-strap molasses and 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 daily for two months. I reduced Vitamin D to 3000 five days ago.

Please advise from what you see here. I'm not sure what to do next. Should I call my Dr? My next appointment is in November.

Thank you sincerely.

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The gluten antibodies tests were <2. They are in negative range. My post didn't print range correctly. It only printed the positive range.

Negative ranges were 0-5 for iGg  and 0-3 for iGA
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I see no problem with your RT3.  FT3 to RT3 ratio is 15.4, well within the the 10-20 reference range.  With your FT3 over range, we'd expect your RT3 to be also.  Don't forget also that desiccated contains RT3.  I think what you're doing still stands.
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Really? The jump from 10 RT3 to 33 scared me. I used a ratio calculator but thought it had to be 20 or higher. I must have read that on the STTM site.

So I may not need to do anything right now?

I decided to try the 3 and 1/2 grain dose for a week and see if my temps stay low. If they do, I will have to raise again. I tried to get a TSH from the current blood draw to see if that had changed but wasn't able to get it called in on time.

Thanks for replying, goolarra! Huge help!
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Disclaimer:  I am NOT a big fan of STTM.

It used to be that FT3:RT3 ratio of 10-20 was "normal".  Now, some sites are pushing for "over 20".  If the ratio were under 10, I might be concerned.  However, your FT3 is so high that RT3 will be as well.  I think I'd do what you're doing...rein in the FT3 a little by cutting back on your desiccated, and you'll probably see the RT3 go down as well.  
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Thanks. I would prefer cutting back slightly to doing T3 only for 12 weeks as they recommend on STTM, but that may prove necessary if this doesn't work.

I have learned so much on that site. But I'm willing to wait it out a bit to see if reducing helps.
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Well, my temps are still below 98, but I don't feel terrible. I feel a slight slide downhill as far as my memory, but not sure if that is actually happening.

My saliva cortisol test came back a few days ago:

DHEAS (saliva) 17.9 ng/ml 2-23 (Age Dependent)  I'm 48. The range for age 46-60 is 2.7-8.
> 5:45am Cortisol Morning (saliva) 8.8 ng/ml 3.7-9.5
> 11:15am Cortisol Noon (saliva) 3.6 ng/ml 1.2-3.0 high
> 4:00pm Cortisol Evening (saliva) 2.5 ng/ml 0.6-1.9 high
> 11:00pm Cortisol Night (saliva) 0.8 ng/ml 0.4-1.0

I started an iron supplement yesterday. 65 mgs, with a plan to increase that in a couple weeks. From what I'm learning, with low TIBC, I will have to take it slow.

Any suggestions for lowering cortisol?
Any info helps me to make a good decision. Thanks

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Have you talked to your doctor yet about your saliva test?  I don't know enough about the ranges on them and how tightly they're interpreted.  Obviously, your 11:15 and 4:00 are high, and the other two are top of range.  DHEA is very high.  I've never had an adrenal problem (that I knew of, anyway), so I really don't know much about it.  Some bridges are best left uncrossed!

You might try starting a new thread with this adrenal information.  I'm sure you'll find someone who can help you.

I'm glad to hear you're still feeling pretty well.
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Thanks very much! There is so much to learn.

I think I started perimenopause too so I'm excited! This is a part of my life I have looked forward to for a long time. Hot flashes? Not yet! But when I get them in a store, as so many women seem to get them in stores, I will probably announce to the world that I'm getting my first hot flash! I have to have a sense of humor about what's to come!

Yes, I think I will start a new thread about the adrenal issues. Great idea!

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I had a few issues around perimenopause...shortening of my cycle...no big deal.

Not hot flash #1, absolutely no other symptoms.  Periods stopped, end of story.  Oh, do I miss the good old days...not for a minute!
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I was super excited until I realized I wrote the wrong date down. I recalculated and guess what? Got my period on exactly the day I would expect. Darnit.

I was so looking forward to it all! I was hoping it would be sudden. Maybe it will be, but just not yet!
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Still feeling somewhat symptomatic and not losing weight. Started eating wheat again and feel much worse than I did while off it. Must quit again!

Here are my latest labs on 3 and 1/2 grains Armour:

Ft3 4.7          2.0-4.4 pg/ml
Rt3 21.9        9.2-24.1 ng/dl
Ft4 1.1          .78-2.19 ng/dl  
TSH .02        .465-4.68 uiu/ml

Any suggestions? The numbers look good but I have not treated high cortisol from a few weeks back. Going off wheat seemed to help me more than anything. back to working out too. Thanks for any thoughts

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It looks like dropping my dose down a bit did help the reverse T3 ration, unless I'm reading it wrong.

Thank you for your wise words on that. It really relieved me and gave me determination to try it and not to worry.
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