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~ SPECIAL 3 DAY “ANXIETY” GUEST THREAD ~ Let’s Welcome the CL-Anxiety, JSGeare to our Community ~ Post Questions here about Anxiety and How to Reduce Stress. JSGeare may be able to help share some ways to reduce anxiety..so let’s post away!

Sample Topics for discussion -- Anxiety as it Relates to:

*   Waiting for Biopsy Results
*   Waiting for Tests to be taken
*   Waiting for Tests Results
*   Waiting for Surgery dates and Dr. Appts., etc.


*   Anxiety you may feel after a new diagnosis!

Let's Welcome JSGeare aboard and post away.  He'll be with us on this thread from 4/21-4/23. Let's make this a thread to remember .. by working together We Can Make A Difference!

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ANXIETY & Lack of Concentration - Awaiting Ultrasound Appt.

I oftentimes feel a lack of general concentration the closer I get to a thyroid test appt. date (i.e., followup ultrasound).

It seems as if the closer the date comes, the less able I am to concentrate on things which ordinarily would be easy to do?

It is annoying that the "what if's"about my thyroid condition tend to reappear to the surface which normally on a day to day basis aren't there.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated - any ways to help improve concentration when it kicks in like this?  I assume it is anxiety-driven?

Thanks for coming to the Thyroid Community.  I think most of us here have experienced anxiety as it relates to our thyroid health issues at one time or another.

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Hi, I would like some advice on how to cope with anxiety related to the horrible symptoms of tsh swinging back and forth and menopause symptoms. Sometimes it's hard to know which the symptoms are due to as a lot of them are similiar, eg. hot flushes, cold flushes, palpitations, etc. I hate taking medication, but at my worst have tried diazepam which does work but they won't give you much of here in the UK. And I've tried Propanolol which I hate, it feels as though I'm on another planet. And I also do relaxation, self-hypnosis and exercise. But nothing works! Any advice would be so much appreciated, even if it's medication that's recommended. Thanks very much.
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I am relating to Rite760. I feel my anxiety feeds into any symptom that I may be having at that very moment. I do use meds occassionally to help with the panic/anxiety, but I hate taking pills as well and hate how they make you feel the next day.

My OB just gave me a prescription for Effexor XR and I have yet to fill because I hate taking pills and I wonder if the Synthroid and Effexor Xr will just make things worse..

See... I am having anxiety just about taking the Effexor XR!

Any advice would be great! I'm all ears!!
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Sorry I'm late, I had a bad headache from that bartending thing I did here Friday night.

The problem with waiting for test results and of seeing levels fluctuate is that -just as you say- you have a confusion of feelings and information which would be hard to tease out even if much of the news was good. No news is good news? I don't THINK so, not in this case, anyway.

That said, I may be able to focus on two things here that are working against you, and which you can fix. "Not work" and "hate." As to the effects of medication, of course you can't like the sensations they give you -of course not. But you might be able to say they are "not working as hoped for," rather than "hating." This is not about just being polite; the point is to add some objectivity to your thought process, to better classify and define what's going on around you. To the point that you can DO so, you get 2 benefits: first, leaning away from the negative emotional expression steals some fuel from the anxiety fire, and second, if you can carefully describe the impact of a med, you can report the same to your doc and possibly narrow your focus to a medication that works better. It is very clear -stunningly clear- from your narrative that you are possessed of high intelligence and the ability to articulate your situation. So, put on your reporter hat and start taking some notes that really tell the story. And then, present the concerns to the doctor. THAT SAID, you noticed that diazepam does help, but is scarce. What can you do to make it a bit more abundant? Pound a few doors about that because others, no doubt, will benefit from your findings (reporter hat, again).

Nothing yet about the relaxation, etc., because coming to grips with the DATA, the facts, the information, is IMPORTANT. Part and parcel of that process is identity with others who are also walking the walk; here on Thyroid and perhaps a tour of the Anxiety forum, to sort of cover the waterfront of what others experience and do about it. You would be surprised at how a STUDY of your own situation, and creation of a context, can knock the fire out of the anxiety because you are active in your own self-interest.

Now, as to the diversions you can apply to get some relief. I might argue that if you had NOT done any of the relaxation techniques, self-hynosis, etc., that you might feel even worse. But I'm not suggesting you stop any of those just to see what happens. First of all, if "self" hypnosis doesn't cut it -what about hypnosis established by a skilled practitioner? If you are a "good" subject (not everyone CAN be hypnotized) then you might expect some very excellent relief; hypnosis is often applied to help people be their "best selves" under coinditions of extreme stress.

Next, how's your diet? The mere act of eating makes us feel good, especially when done in the company of others. Preparing food is also a "brain healthy activity." And I'm not just talking about eating all the brocoli you can find. While a balanced diet is important, the balance is not properly understood as being restricted to foods which deliver all the recommended levels of vitamins, fiber, minerals, etc. I'm including food that makes us feel good -it is important, essential, even. Do you like popcorn? Like the aroma? Marmalade on a buttered muffin? Oh my, I'm getting hungry! You get my point -stuff that TASTES good, makes you feel good, squeezes out your brain's own joy juice.

Have you thought about laughter? No kidding, heh, heh. Do yourself a favor and google "Norman Cousins." His discoveries about the chemical explosion of laughter are so profound that they have made a very serious(?) impression in the medical community. Don't laugh (well, DO laugh, then) the release of your own joy juice -the very thing the meds try to copy -may be closer at hand than you imagine. The problem with programmatic exercise, breathing, etc., is that their ritualistic nature sometimes makes it difficult to psychologically get on board. Far better, say I, to address directly what you know is in your own make-up to get the results you want.

Let me try to sum up here:

1. Look at all the data and information and facts as dispassionately as you can to assess where you are -both to eliminate confusion in your own mind and to deliver clear and actionable reports to yoiur care-takers.

2. Understand that you are in a very unnatural process. Most of us live our lives without paying much attention -we simply act, and most of the time, all is well. But, when we are in the midst of a very serious medical assessment, we are dropped into an alien world of tests, waiting, discussion, options -you know the drill. We need to adapt not just to the direct impact of all of that, but to the entirely new perspective of our own lives. Its hard work.

3. Realize that this IS a process with a beginning, middle and end. It is something you work THROUGH. And with each passing day, you are a day closer to getting through it all and making whatever adjustments will support your health and happiness for all your life long thereafter. YOU, my friend, are ina kind of boot camp.

4. Spare no effort or expense to please yourself. Do what you love, eat what you crave, and maybe a glass of that fine Claret you folks have over there (if not medically unapproved). Read that Cousins book and apply what you learn there to yourself.

5. Accept a role as a documentarian and reporter on behalf of all who are on this journey; assist others here on this forum and elsewhere; turn your experience into some focused energy and activity that will lift you up.

6. Consider professionally applied hypnotism as a mechanism to direct your intrinsic power and energy to your own relief.

You will find, I believe, that in the mere doing of these things, panic will lose some of the toe-holds it now has. That is exactly right. Will you have your moments? Of COURSE you will. Buit not as many, and not as severe. Anxiety LOVES a vacuum. Don't provide the empty space -and anxiety will have less to say to you.

Finally, you will note that nothing -absolutely nothing- I have told you is in the nature of nostrums, miracle cures with mysterious actions, or anything advertised late night on the independent channel. Every bit of it is material which you can immediately validate in terms of your own experience and common sense. Which is exactly why it will work for you.

Now, you're going to be busy -so let's get to work!

Thanks for the question.

JSGeare, Guest presenter
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Thanks so much for that informative reply, and for taking the time to explain it all so thoroughly. Funnily enough, my husband and mum both put laughter as number one at the top of the list all the time, which is why they are probably such laid back people! Also, I have found already, as you say, that when I come on to this forum and start ineracting with others and trying to help them too, it does actually make me feel better. And thanks for the other advice too, diet etc. I will look into it all. Thanks again.
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WOW..thanks for all the info ... I have learned alot from your posting already  .. esp about the "hate" and being able to properly convey the meds and reactions to my doctor ... as well as it being an "unatural proces" .. you are so right!  Thank you!

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