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► Well, since TGIF @ the Thyroid Pub falls on 4th of July ... how about we do this: WHAT ARE YOU DOING for 4th of July FUN!

What are your plans!

For all our friends who celebrate 4th of July have a very safe, happy one!

For me:  All day pool party and BBQ with fireworks at night!!

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I wish all you Americans a safe and happy holiday. I hope you don't get eaten by midges and the fireworks go off as planned. Have a beer for me!
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We're having a bushel of crabs, cold beer, family and friends topped off with fireworks!!!

Happy 4th to all :)
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Im on holiday with family and we'll be celebrating at Acadia National Park in Maine. The pictures I have seen are gorgeous so I can't wait to see it live!

I hope all here are doing well, it's been a while since I have posted so I  am just stopping by. I am concentrating on the Narcolepsy which is proving to be a difficult matter due to the lack of thyroid, they put me on stimulants to keep me awake but it messes up the thyroid levels so it's been an intersting journey but boy am I learning alot. Anyway to all American friends have a safe holiday and please don't drink and drive!
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I'm jealous.  My family is from Maine and my parents have a home not too far from Acadia National Park.  Cadillac Mountain is beautiful.  Enjoy!!!!!!
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Scarlet .. I am sorry you are still battling the sleep issues ...... my best to you .. thanks so much for stopping by!!!!!

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You did your tracker -- Are you still off sugar??

I am having it at my house with family - my boyz have the friends seem coming to eat around 4 and then off the Lake Michigan to see the fireworks.

I have Scott's family coming - so it should be nice.

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It's so not fair!!!!!! What about us here in the UK? No Independence Day! No parties! No fireworks! Just rain, rain rain!
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Rite, the party is HERE on this thread ... you can come on over .......wait ....... YOU ARE HERE .......... you want hot dog or hambugers?  

What is your favorite BBQ item?

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No the sugar I caved in to Stella.  Boo Hoo.  But Peek has intrigued me and you, too, with your posts in regard to thyroid ........................so I came back public with the weight and this time a goal to lose 10lbx by Dec but still not sure if I am fully ready to commit to do it but I'm public so .....hmmmmmmm ....... maybe this time I will do something about the 10lbs?

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I want hot dogs! And plenty of em, coz I adore em! Those big ones with lots of onions. What time do the drinks come out!
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Hey everybody? Where've you all gone? I'm still waiting for my giant hotdog and my drink!
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Also, sorry Cheryl, I called you Stella by mistake back there!
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