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10 weeks now on compounded natural thyroid 200(3.3) gr

10 weeks now on the compounded thyroid meds. 3.3 gr. or 200 . sleeping good. muscles and joint aches and pain/clicking continue to go away.  little by littel getting better and better,  went for 6 month cardiologist follup. results were good . no more heart paps.  bp was 124/84 in the doctors office which was real good. all tests were good,  doctor was happy.  energy is good, endurance is good getting better, still some low ringing ion my ears.  still don't feel 100 percent but better, working on it . with exercise , nutricion, chiropratic, , so overall good and improving weekly. thanks Kevin
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great to hear you are doing so much better.

it does take some time, doens't it.  Amazing how much better we feel on the thryoid.  Getting onto t4 med I felt that the lights came on again.  WIth thyroid (dessicated) I felt like the world had color again.

Keep up with the diet and exercise and positive attitude.  Getting there! :)
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Congratulations on feeling better! You are one of the few who has had a mini-win in getting the right dose!
Now send me some! LOL!
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So glad that you are doing better and better with each passing week. We just returned from a ski trip where my daughter did fantastic! She had lots of energy and no muscle or joint aches, and skiing is an activity that demands alot of endurance and strength. She even remembered to take her afternoon medication each day during her lesson and she progressed from level 3 all the way to level 5 at ski school. I am so thankful that after 5 months on Naturethroid she is finally optimal and can feel good enough to have a great ski vacation with no physical symptoms of any kind!
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