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2 questions

1 - Has any been able to get corrective vision surgery (Lasik or Lasix)? I was told I am not a candidate because I have Graves, an autoimmune disorder.

2 - Hyper yet gaining weight, how to counter it? It seems like I can feel myself getting bigger daily.

Input would be appreciated. TIA!
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You'd have to check with your ophthamalogist regarding lasik, since you have Graves Disease, unless you've had a thyroidectomy; then I wouldn't think it would make much difference, unless you have TED.

What are your actual thyroid hormone levels?  You should be getting tested periodically for Free T3, Free T4 and TSH... Please post your most current levels with reference ranges, since ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own reports...

Are you taking any anti-thyroid med?  If so, what med and what dosage?
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Yes, I discussed this with my eye doc. He contacted the surgeon and that office stated that the FDA wouldn't approve surgery on patients with autoimmune disorders.

My last labs were a year ago. I'm not taking any medication (prescription) and have not had any permanent treatments, nor doninhave TED.
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Well, the FDA doesn't approve of each individual surgery... apparently, FDA says it's not good for anyone with an autoimmune disease to have lasik, so it's not FDA approved, in which case the surgeon simply won't do it...

You might find a surgeon who will do it, even though it isn't FDA approved, but I doubt it, because that opens them up to all kinds of lawsuits, etc.  I'll have to do some research on that...

Some people who are hyper do gain weight, but if you haven't had labs for a year, I'd strongly suggest that you have new labs done.  You should get Free T3, Free T4 and TSH... Your Graves could have gone into remission and you could be hypo - a lot of the symptoms cross over and weight gain is a hypo symptom.
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LASIK and other corrective surgeries are needless and hold many side effects. Also graves disease make it more complicated. So simply ignore it and get a pair of stylish eye frame with premium quality glasses. Nowadays various feature packed eye glasses are available which let you see in more detail, less glare and much more.
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