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3 children, all on synthroid!

I have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl (10yr, 9yr and almost 8yr old) all diagnosed with hasimotos for about 1 year.  The middle child started with acute hyperthyroid 2 years ago and was treat successfully before going the other way into hypothyroid.  They all took 75mcg per day.

Last visit to the endo for the middle child and he was increased to 88mcg and within one week complained of "not feeling good", he would pace up and down, he could not sleep, had a very stiff neck.  The endo reduced the dosage back to 75mcg and now he still has a stiff neck and complains that the front of his throat is very sore and he has a hoarse voice.  Is this significant or am I worrying about nothing?

You have to admit that it is a little wierd that all 3 children have thyroid problems at such an early age!

Please share any advice you can give me.
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Yes very weird.

I am not familiar with children so much except - I feel - kids' immune system - hormone levels and (really) everything about them change so much that I believe they may be in temporary situations.

I don't know - but my gut says that their sensitive body will change up and down and medicating them on a hormone drug at such a young age with a hormones that could alter them permanently could alter them for good.

Again my gut says - they may just be unbalanced now and could correct things on their own. Is there a strong family history of thyroid disease in the family?

If I were you - I would really go and get a bunch of opinions (if you hadn't already) from all kinds of different doctors.

Bio identical doctor - natural paths - MD's that know children AND thyroid disease ETC.

I suppose this isn't advice - just my thoughts.

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Do you live somewhere near radiation was done?
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We have a big family history of thyroid problems.  Also I grew up very close to a nuclear power plant that had a few leaks back in the 1980's.

I have seen a big improvement in my oldest and youngest children since they have been on synthroid, it's just the middle one that is not reacting well to the medication.  The fact that he has ADHD (not medicated for that!) means that it is difficult to know, but if he forgets to take the meds or takes them in the evening he cannot sleep, so I know that they do not do him alot of good.

Thanks for your advice, I'm going to look into bio identical doctor.
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It sounds between family history AND the radiation community enviroment - you have real reason to get answers

I am so sorry for your family.
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