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3rd generation tsh

my test results were 0.19 in a range of 0.40-4.50.  this is about the 5th time my test has been off.  What does this usually mean?  My dr spoke aboke a particular scan but we never did it.  Should I be concerned?
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A TSH below the reference range usually indicates hyperthyroidism.  If that's the only test that was run, you need further testing...free T3 and free T4 are the most important.  Also, you might want to have antibodies tested to confirm or rule out Grave's.  I would definitely be concerned enough to pursue further testing.
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Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid issue and are you already on meds?
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yes.  My Endo said it appears that I have Graves but she wasn't ready to put me on anything as of yet.  This was aboout two months ago.  I was also recently diagnosed with Lupus/Rheumatoid Arthuritis (?) and possibly a connective tissue disorder.  So I'm presently taking plaquenil along with other meds.
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Lupus and RA are both autoimmune diseases, as is Grave's.  Once you have one, you are much more likely to get others.  Is your doctor testing FT3 and FT4?
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