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A Pioneer Doctor, Thyroid/ Fibromyalgia Advocate,Writer Passes on

It is with great sadness, I post to our community the passing of Dr. John Lowe. An amazing research professional who devoted himself to the care and understanding of thyroid wellness and research. Dr. Lowe's approach to treat thyroid conditions involved the importance of T3 testing and how to compare the ratios - vs - standard TSH lab testing alone. In his practice he found looking at the T3 hormone directly in the body, balancing it, would prove positive benefits far exceeding standard treatment with just T4 conversion hormone treatment alone. Since thyroid conditions cause inflammatory symptoms, fibromyalgia patients also benefited greatly from the T3 research and treatment Dr. Lowe believed and practiced. Through his years of service, Dr Lowe enforced the importance of T3 treatment and the benefits it was to patients. He also provided stellar research on many hormonal complex issues.

Dr. Lowe was author of The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia. He was also editor of the homepage DrLowe.com, FibromyalgiaResearch.org and Thyroid Science. He was featured often on Mary Shoman about.com website and was a key member of the steering committee with the Coalition for Better Thyroid Care found on Facebook.

In my opinion, Dr. Lowe's devotion to  thyroid disease, T3 importance, and the metobolic components involved,
put forth vital resources to brilliant doctors wanting to learn how to offer exceptional service to millions of patients seeking better care.

My heart goes out to Tammy, (wife) and his family. He will be sadly missed by many advocates fighting for this disease, and I will be forever greatful God gave us you, Dr. John Lowe, for the short time you were here, on the amazing work you've done hen helping so many.

May God keep you in his strong graceful arms giving you all his rewards on this eternal life journey. May you rest in peace and thank you so very much for all you did for us, while on the earth.

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