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Abnomormally low testosterone levels for a 21yr old.

I'm a 21yr old male with hypothyroidism and a testosterone level of an 80 year old man. I had bloodwork done and my levels were flagged as abnormal low. I also suffer from Depression and Anxiety (panic attacks)....which is probably all due to my hypothyroidism. Is there some way I can naturally increase my testosterone levels through herbs or exercise? My doctor says I'm too young for patches or gels. So I'm kinda left in the dark here. I'm on all sorts of anti-depressants now and I'm feeling a bit more stabilized, but my testosterone is still just too damn low.

Any suggestions?
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Hi, I don't have the answer to you ? but wanted to say hello and WELCOME!

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same here man, im only 19 and my test level was 270 on a scale of 244-900 lol. i want to get treatment but my doctor refused to give me because i was still i nthe normal range which is ********, im also scared that if  i find an endo that is willing to give me treating it can potentially f*** me up becausae  i am also 19 lol.
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Hey  i want t write back to let you know you are not alone in this ride , I am 37 years old male and have been dealing with Hypothyroidism symptoms for last 3 years and after changing many Endo the last one did hormone test and came back low testosterone level 216 (241-827 )  and high prolactin 24 (3-18), after further investigation they found in MRI that i have 6mm tumor . Can you post your test results ?. What are the symptoms are you having ?. Have you found the reason for your low testosterone level ?. What made your and your doctor to test testosterone level ?.
My major complain is fatigue and muscles aches/weakness.

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Daum tht ***** bro I have to get my results in two weeks... how did all go are you okay now ?
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Hey man,

I'm in the same boat!

Here's what I suggest:
1) Be your own advocate. You *need* to be proactive and aggressive about your treatment and learning everything on your own. Biology may not have been your favorite subject in school, but your life will depend on your own knowledge because sadly most doctors are behind the times. Look on amazon for books on hypothyroidism and hashimoto's disease - it will help you.
2) There's a 90% chance you have Hashimoto's disease (90% of hypothyroid patients is caused by Hashi's). A TPOab lab test can confirm. If you have Hashimoto's, then you will be on increasing doses of synthetic T4 for your life. I'll assume you're already on that though.
3) Testosterone levels may improve naturally when you hypothyroidism is under control. Without your lab numbers for TSH, T4, T3, I can't tell how your hypothyroidism is doing, but it's possible that getting on synthetic T4 will improve your testosterone numbers.

Best wishes to you.
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