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Active 38yr old femal with major weight gain

I am 48 years old.  I'm 5'3 and have weight 120lbs all my life.  My period stopped 3 months ago, but I noticed that I started putting on 3lbs every week.  I have increased my 5hrs a week at the gym to 15hrs/week and noticed that the weight slowed down and stopped at times.  I put my self on a very strict diet and couldn't loose what I had gained.  I once again started to put on weight.  I m going crazy.  When is it going to stop?  How big am I going to get? I have Hashimoto thyroid but my Endocrinologist said everything was fine.  My family doctor is clueless and says...."yes some people just gain weight"  but has no answers for me???  I have a very bad back, fractures to lower back and scoliosis.  My back just can't take it anymore.  I cannot sleep because all this weight is putting a lot of pressure on my lower back.  I need help?
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When you have Hashimoto's, antibodies slowly destroy thyroid function, so that eventually, your thyroid will produce no hormones at all.  

If you have current thyroid hormone test results that you can post, here, for us, please do so and be sure to to include reference ranges, which vary from lab to lab, and have to come from your own report.  It's very possible, when one has Hashimoto's, to have symptoms long before regular thyroid labs, TSH, Free T3 and Free T4, actually go out of range; however, many doctors thing that anything within the reference ranges are fine, when in fact, they are not...

Once we see your labs, we'll be able to tell you more... It may be time for a new doctor...
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I have read that peri/menopause can cause disruptions in thyroid, as in folks may need more meds or less.....

Do you have recent labwork to share? I agree your weight gain sounds suspicious and you have been stable for a long time so something is going on. Any other symptoms?

Sorry, I know how frustrating it is, everyone minimizes weight related issues, I am slender/weight stable and I either wasn't "fat enough" for some docs to take me seriously or told it was normal for "a woman of my age".

Best, Kel
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Wow, I'm so sorry!  You've been fully checked out by your doctor?  I do know that some women during menopause have weight gain and losing it is a bear.  But this sounds extreme to me.  And 15 hours at the gym and strict dieting, well, that in itself might not be healthy.  I really would go back to the doctor to discuss these things.  The thyroid is not involved your endocrinologist doesn't think?  
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