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Adding Cytomel, should Levo dose go down?PLEASE HELP

I am a 40 year old female. I was diagnosed with
hypothyroidism in 1993. I literally told the Dr. I thought I was
DYING. I honestly felt terrible. He did thyroid labs and called me
immediately and told me to start Synthroid: Here is a history of
the labs and tests I've had:

Diag. Hypothroid 1993
Diag. Fibromyalgia 2003 (by Rheumotologist)
2002 TSH 2.96 100mcg Levothyroxine
2003 TSH 4.05
6/2006 TSH 3.832
8/2006 TSH 2.806 Increased to 112 mcg Levo
8/7 TSH 5.688 Start 125mcg
11/7 TSH 1.727 125mcg Levo
T3F 2.9 (2.4-4.5)
T4F 1.30 (0.75-2.00)
TPO Ab >1300 (0-60)
Hashi's Dx 11/07
US Thyroid 12/7 negative results
start 150mcg 12/2007
TSH 0.99
Free T3 3.1
T3 F 2.5
T4 F 1.15
TSH 3.089
AB 1241.6
start 175 mcg Levo
TSH .143
T4F 1.39
ab 875.5
T3 Total 105.8 (60-181)
T3 Free 3.1
T4 Free 1.56
TSH 0.089
anti TPO 687.7
(all lab values are the same as the first parameters listed) :)

My PA left me on 175mcg of Levothyroxine after the Oct. labs because
the Free numbers were not quite in the middle. I had labs done last
Friday and here are the current numbers:

TSH 0.233
Free T3 2.9
Free T4 1.22
Anti TPO anti 530

WHY is my TSH going UP and the Free's going down? I cried most of
the day yesterday. I feel awful. I have terrible brain fog, joint
and muscle aches, constant headaches. OH, and weight gain! TERRIBLE
since we started increasing the medication!! I FEEL hypo. I'm going
to see the PA tomorrow and I'm wondering if adding Cytomel might help
me? Should the Levothyroxine be decreased if this happens? Does it
look like I have a conversion problem. I'm so confused, this has
been going on for so long. At ONE point, one very short point,
during the increases I felt "GREAT" it was SO short lived. I just
want to live life like a normal person. THANK YOU in advance from
the bottom of my heart!!
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I would ask for a trial of Cytomel with your Synthroid since your free t3 level is low normal. Make sure that your DR or PA know to lower your T4 med when adding T3.
When my T3 level was low normal I felt aweful with all the hypo symptoms. Everyone is different so you need to be treated accordingly. Good luck and let us know how you do. :) :)
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THANKS so much, how much should she lower the Levo?  I DO feel just as you said, AWFUL!  All of this is just SO confusing to me.  There just has to be SOME way to feel half way alive!! lol  THANKS again!
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For every 5 mcg of cytomel you reduce t4 med by 20 mcg.
Hang in there!  :)
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Thank you VERY much, I will definitely let her know this in case she doesn't know.  I'm PRAYING it works for me.  I SHOULD say, my Dad is Hashi's as well, he was taking 300mcg of Levo, he now takes 250mcg of Levo and 5 mcg of Cytomel, he says he feels better.  I'm a 3rd generation thyroid sufferer on his side.  I'm HOPEFUL, I have to be! THANKS SO MUCH!!  Does the Cytomel help you?  Did you have any negative side effects?
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I am on Armour but not sure if I will eventually have to take cytomel with synthroid or not. I can't seem to get my t3 level up high enough yet...time will tell. I switched over to armour in july so i need to give it time and keep adjusting. :)
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