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After TT - is it normal to feel like someone is choking you? Lump in throat feeling too? Is this the healing process?

Hi again~

I had surgery on 11/4 to remove 1/2 thyroid and nodule.  Cam back pap thy ca.  Had surgery 11/14 to remove other side.  I felt fine after my first surgery, but since the 2nd one last week, I feel like my throat is "tight" , like someone has their hands around my neck and I also feel like there is a "lump" in my throat.  Is this normal and part of the healing process?  If so, does it get better?  I saw the surgeon yesterday for my post op and he scoped me and said everything looked fine.

Thanks everyone!

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I have the exact same feelings you are having, plus shortness of breath and voice that is nothing but a whisper....wish we were sitting beside each other and maybe we would feel better!
When you told the surgeon about these things, did he say they were normal?
Hang in there, we're gonna make it :)
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Keep ice packs on your neck.  They really help bringing down the swelling that's making you feel this way.  Also get some sherbet, it'll relieve the "lump" feeling inside as well.
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Yes, that's normal and it will go away with time.  I promise!  Like mags59 said, keep the ice packs on your neck to help with the swelling.  Also, when you sleep try to keep your head and neck elevated a bit.
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Me too!  Same lump!  I had a total on the 13th of Nov & asked about the lump-he said it was normal.  Drives me crazy.  I also have the shortness of breath.  The nurse asked the doctor about it for me & he said he doesn't know what that could be.  I was shocked-it is from the surgery.  I have never had the shortness of breath before.  I also have the whisper voice thing going on as well.  He keeps telling me it will get better.  Huncher-what does your doctor say about the breath/voice thing?  It is starting to worry me.  I have to go back to teaching next week.  Not so sure I can control a class of 5 year olds with a whisper voice.  Told my principal that I will be needing a microphone & he just laughed, but I am serious.  Take Care-Faith
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I don't know what to say...the doctors don't seem to be too concerned about this.

The wonderful people on this site have been there and done it all before, so I'm going with their reassurance that it will pass....
Keep on with the ice packs and get the rest we need.

Good luck in your healing. Take good care of yourself.
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Okay, I just have to tell ya this....it's sound as if I have a furball in my throat, but when I finally get some of the plegmn (sp?) our of my throat it feels so much better.
Anyone have any ideas to make this an easier thing to do?
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This brings back memories.  I certainly remember the furball too.  And the muscles in my throat wouldn't work half the time to get it out.  Can you get any liquids down without choking?  If you can, have you tried hot tea?
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Hi again hun!

how are you doing?I had the tight feeling for about a week (maybe more) after my surgery, i can't remember now what the nurse said it was now but it did go away after a while, i remember it scared me a bit at the time though, but i was fine :)

I still get that feeling of having a lump in my throat though especially if i'm tired or stressed, had it all checked out, and have had ultrasound scans and CT scan (for other reasons)and they were all fine, was told it's just scar tissue - think i'm getting used to it now but i know how annoying it can be!

keep on complaining about it if it gets worse or really bothers you :)

good luck hun!
Loads of love x x x
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Voice seems a bit better today. Lumpy dumpy thing still there.

Just think.... we will be the best interruptors in the world cause we will have tons of practice....'ahem, ahem....ahem, ahem, ahem'!!!
Well excuse me, gotta get rid of some of my sarcastic remarks somewhere :)

Hugs to all, take care.
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Day 5 and still voice that is just a whisper!!
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Mine would be better one day, then the next, my voice would be gone.  There was no rhyme or reason to it.  It didn't matter if I used it or rested it.  It had a mind of it's own, I swear!   Hang in there.
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Hey, it just hit me....this could be a good thing for you at school!!!!
Did you ever notice that when someone whispers, everyone strains to hear what they are saying???? and when you talk normally, they can just tune you out???
Just one of my 'questionable' thoughts that enter my mind all day long....don't ya just love it!

Drop me a note and keep posted.
take care (by the way, my voice is still gone...but I had my surgery on 11-18)
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Ideally the connective tissue has to break-off in 20 days past the surgery.
in order to prevent this, some 'operators' put stiches on the underskin layar first followed up by separate set of stitche for skin only.
this provides better scar healing and appearance as well as smaller 'strains' of unwanted tissue growts
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I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you are telling us.
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The connective tissue that forms between incision and voice box tends to break after 20 days from surgery, so after 20 days the voice can improve.
In addition, in attempt to minimize connective tissue growing, some doctors are first closing the under skin layer, put stitches on that layer, then closing the skin and put stitches [or staples]on the skin.[making double “stitching’]
This practice will result in less scarring tissue to build up and make the outside scar to heal faster.
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Okay, I think I've got it. I do know that they had to use a different kind of stitch, cause I was allergic to the chromic suctures.
Last time I believe that I was stiched inside and only stapled on the outside.
This time I do have staples and stitching on the outside...don't know about the inside.
I will have to ask about that on Wed.
I do know that the incision site feels much better that last time and it never really healed from the first one.
So if I had last surgery on 11/18 then I only have about 14 days to go....then hopefully I will get a stronger voice.
take good care of yourself and california
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Hi can anyone tell me how long it took for them to get better- i have the same problems of feeling like phlegm and fur ball - and voice is very hoarse and i feel like i am panting and out of breath when  i speak even three words. How many weeks or days - anyone please give me an idea
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