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After thryoid/goitre surgery voice is better?


I am having a lot of problems with my voice because of enlarged goitre. My voice is hoarse, it gets tired very easily and I feel pain around my throath after singing a while. My doctor suggested to me that I would have the goitre surgery to help my voice as I speak a lot in work and will not manage with the voice problems for long anymore and I also stopped my singing lessons as my voice was even worse after the lessons :-(

I would like to know if there are anyone who would have been able to sing BETTER after the surgery?! I know that there are lot of cases where the voice has got worse because of the surgery but is there anyone who could say that was having same kind of problems with voice (hoarseness, tightness..) before the surgery but after the surgery the voice has been better and you have been able to sing better than before the surgery?

Thanks for you comments! I really need some encouraging experiences!

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No one having the same problems??
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I have the same voice problems with a slightly enlarged thyroid but have no idea if surgery would fix it.  I hope you get some answers!
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Hi Shiny!

Thank you for your comment! I hope that someone who had been in surgery would comment too and it would help you too!

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