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Another thread wanted to post

Okay so here's this one for you. I know many of us are hypo's which can cause severe pms. How many of you can feel the fluctuation each time. How many of you have been successful at this time for your blood work. What birth control pills if any are you guys taking???? I am on yaz. but so far not helped with pms. I started pms'ing about three days ago blaming it on synthroid lol! i have extreme hot flashes, depression, mood swings, I feel like my body is out of control, which we already know it is! Thanks!
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Hormones are effected with thyroid disorders - butdo you know that the estrogen on YAZ is proven to cause you more problems with symptoms?

No OB will tell you this (at least most) but it is tru - I will send you links if you want.

The YAZ is changing your thyroid levels every month and crashing them into hypothyroidism. I go over and over this information at least twice a month.

You are uncontrollable in mood swings b/c your thyroid is plumating in produced levels of T3 when you are ready to begin your cycle and the YAZ is only making the levels worse.

Normally in even healthly women as we age our bodies have the PMS deal happen - some very little - some not. But every woman will agree the feel different when getting ready to cycle.

It's not the Synthroid it is your YAZ!
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I have been on synthroid for about 7 weeks now, my numbers are all in the normal range, but no full period.  I have been spotting for 5 days.  I usually have really bad time of the month to.  I could always tell when I was going to start before starting synthroid, now I have no clue.  My Dr. sent me for a pelvic ultrasound (not a fun test), because of some other things going on, she thinks I might have a fibroid.  I will find out the results on Friday.  I wish you luck, G
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I stopped yaz at the time of my diagnosis of Hashi's 2 years ago.  My doc took me off of it as soon as he wrote the scrip for Synthroid.  Good move.  I also have a fibroid diagnosed at the same time on ultrasound.  My swings really depend on where I am in hypo.  I just started a whole week early without ever having a clue I was close.  I usually have a migraine and mood swing and am 26 to 28 days, now I went 20.  

Good luck with the yaz but it would be a good idea to discuss switching meds with your doc. I am not on any pill at this time.  I think one hormone, now on Cytomel too, was enough for me at the time.
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I have mood swings now that I did not used to have (big ones, bad too), but note I have normal blood draws.  I got an IUD 3, almost 4, years ago after my daughter was born.  I don't like it but hubby is stuborn and will not consent to the snip.  I don't want more children - he has a big family of 5 bro & sis, I have one brother.  We have 2 kids so I am good with that.  Holding pattern has made it impossible to get the IUD out as my first child is a "pill" baby.  My OB thinks I am having female hormone issues (I just recently had a near breast biopsy - found a nodule and cyst on Mammo and Us but then the nodule disappeared like a week later - after I got the IV and was wheeled in for the pre-op US)  Anyway - I think the hormones are intertwined in this mad game for superiority.  I get painful breasts and skip periods -- pain is monthly, skipping is every other month.  This month must be my "other month" since I haven't had it yet but should be getting over the pain next week.

Anyway I just thought I would share so it could possibly help someone else.
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Yes I have pmdd, was like that my whole life. I have pcos, and endo. He wanted me to try to get back on it because of the severe pms. Last month was the worse. I might try switching next month to something else, as I didn't see any changes what so ever. I also have to get pelvic ultrasound done on my cysts, and vaginal to make sure my ovaries are okay.  Just was curious. I can't live like this and it seems nothing is helping me out.
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