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Antibodies Testing

What is antibodies testing? What can it reveal?
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I was wondering this, too! I posted a question, but never got it answered. If anyone knows, I was wondering if 414 on the thyroglobulin antibodies is high and what it means. Thank you!
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There are two auto-immune thyroid diseases caused by your body manufacturing anitbodies that attack the thyroid.

Graves Disease is caused when certain antibodies cause the thyroid to over produce thyroid hormones which causes hyperactive thyroid.  Hashimotos Disease is caused by different antibodies that causes an underactive or hypoactive thyroid.

Antibodies testing tests for the presence of these antibodies.  There are specific names for each, but I cannot remember which antibodies cause which condition.

Hope that helps at least a little bit.
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The most common reason for fluctuating thyroid blood levels is an autoimmune disorder called antibody-related thyroiditis. There are many types of thyroid antibodies, but the three most prevalently tested are Antimicrosomal (thyroid peroxidase or TPO) Antibodies, AntiThyroglobulin Antibodies, and Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulins. The first two make you Hypo, and the last makes you Hyper. The presence of TPO antibodies is also called "Hashimoto's Thyroiditis."

Hope this helps.
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I tested positive for antibodies E & J. Was wondering if anyone knows anything about this or if anyone has been thru it. I could really use some answers.
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