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If you request a full panel, do they do an anitbodies test?
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Not normally.  They can tell autoimmune by your levels.  If levels warrant then doctor might test for appropriate antibodies to confirm and/or do other test.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays  

My information is from reading material gathered from reputable sources, my 20 years of personal experience and as a thyroid patient.

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You might get lucky and your Endo will run the antibody tests as well.
It doesn't sound like you've had them run yet.

I would suggest you ask to have them run, but your Endo has already ordered the tests, so you'll have to wait to see.

And I was just kidding in that other thread. ;)

Not a doctor, don't live neer a Holiday Inn, just a guy. :(
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You need to ask for the antibody test separately.

Your TSH, free t3/4 do not tell anything about your autoimmune status.
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healthcheckusa does the antibody test.
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FTs do tell the status of thyroid and autoimmune, as well as some  non-thyroid illnesses.
Its the other way around.  But you would have to know how to read  FTs to know their meanings.

"Still, antibody presence or absence does not change the diagnosis of subclinical hypothyroidism (which is based on serum TSH measurements) or the expected efficacy of treatment."
US Government Guidlines

Thyroid antibodies may remain positive for years, and do not provide an indication of whether the person has normal or abnormal thyroid function. Furthermore, some patients with Hashimoto's disease may have negative levels of circulating antibodies, and conversely, patients with positive levels of thyroid antibodies may never develop thyroid disease during their lifetime.

People with  other autoimmune disorders such as Sjögren syndrome, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and pernicious anemia  and people may have  no evidence of disease,
are sometimes positive for antibodies. Therefore, thyroid levels are the prevailing diagnose. medicinenet

Thyroid antibodies are not part of routine testing.
They are usually only indicated when a patient has an enlarged thyroid or symptoms suggesting thyroid dysfunction. Routine screening of the thyroid is usually accomplished using thyroid tests such as TSH and T4. labtestsonline

Presence of these antibodies is not enough for a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, since a certain percent of women in the population have these antibodies.
Johns Hopkins Autoimmune Disease Research Center

Good Luck and Happy Holidays  

My information is from reading material gathered from reputable sources, my 20 years of personal experience and as a thyroid patient.  Nor am I as mean, insulting, sarcastic or whiny, male bully.

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"Thyroid are not part of routine testing. They are only indicated when a patient has an enlarged thyroid or symptoms suggesting thyroid dysfunction."

Symptoms of dysfunction. Like blood numbers that look bad?

"Presence of these antibodies is not enough for a diagnosis of Hashimoto's thyroiditis, since a certain percentage of women in the population have these antibodoes."

Thus antibodies are one of the criteria, levels being another, physical irregularities another, that are used in combination to make a diagnosis.

Please explain how T's can indicate antibodies and levels. I do not believe any doctor can look at TSH, T3 and T4 results and determine antibody types or titers.  
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Free t3/4 do tell the status of thyroid function. They do not show if the dysfunction of the thyroid is due to autoimmunity or other causes, such as Lithium use, for example. A person with hypo caused by Lithium use could have the same TSH and free levels as someone with Hashimoto's hypo.

The only blood test to check autoimmune status is an antibody test. The body produces antibodies against the thyroid and the only way to detect these antibodies is through an antibody test.
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Kitty is correct with regard to the antibody test. They are NOT a part of the routine thyroid panel which only measures t3, t4 made in the thyroid, free and uptake levels, and TSH made in the pituitary gland.

The Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyrogobulin Antibody Test is the only way to determine if you have antibiodies specific to your thyroid. They are two separate antibiodies. Both must be tested, you can be positive for one and negative for the other.

The test requires the doctor draw a vial of blood in the office, you can be tested for both at the same time. It costs roughly $160.
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You should get the antibodies checked for sure. You could have the start of an Autoimmune disorder but it may not show up in your TSH FT4 or FT3 yet .There are many things that can throw these numbers off and you can't know for sure the cause without an antibody test. Some examples found here.

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The anti thyroid antibody test is currently$ 70.00 at Healthcheckusa. Also if you type in the code 12345 you get a discount I believe.
A positive result will not affect treatment as they only treat the hypothyroidism that results from  autoimmune disease ( which, in the USA it almost always is).

200 mcg of selenium may reduce the antibodies somewhat ( 10-15%) but taking supplementation has been linked to contributing to dveloping other health problems, like diabetes.

It is also true that 10% of women have these antibodies and, in the absence of thyroid signs, they can be indicative of disease other than thyroid  and for some nothing ever happens.

Generally, as positive results go, it is my understanding that the very high levels are the more indicative of thyroid problems while milder elevations may be more likely to be present in conditions other than thyroid.
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Clarification- it doesn't mean a lower level isn't thyroid. The higher the more likely it is defintely thyroid.  I hope that makes sense.
Good luck.
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if you have a high level of antibody what can be done and is it life threatening
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In my experience they will only test you for the antibodies you lean towards. Example;

If your labs are hyper they test for hyper AB's, if they are hypo, they test for hypo Ab's. Never have I had a dr. or endo test for all at the same time. I found out I have both AB's b/c I was tested at 2 different times by two diff doctors,and they bothe checked for either or.
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