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Hey guys , about 8 month ago ( around April ) , I used some gym supplements including Human Growth Hormone and Deer Antler Velvet , then I started getting anxiety , palpitations and etc... After some blood tests I found out my thyroid is overactive . Ok after so many medications and blood works , now my TSH and T4 levels are in normal range
This is the latest blood test as of 10/02/2015
TSH : 4.17 Range : 0.40 - 4.50
T4 Free : 0.9 Range : 0.8 - 1.8
Ok , since then I started feeling better until one day in the middle of November
I was working as usual suddenly I had a very bad panic attack ( I think it was a Fight or Flight situation , which my body chose to flight ) I couldn't feel my hands and face , I had tingling in my face , chest , fingers , I was hyperventilate and shaky and It was a bad situation overall since then my anxiety has been to the roof I have many symptoms ( shortness of breath , fatigue , tremors , feeling like I want to pass out , palpitations , extreme fear specially in the mornings and when I am alone , low libido , poor concentration , sleeplessness and many more ) I do not experience them all at once though , they happen randomly at different times .
I've been to many doctors and everything is Ok . I saw my Psychiatrist last week and he told me to take Citalopram + Risperidone for my anxiety , I did use them for a week but they seem they don't affect me so I stopped taking them plus I don't like anti depressant drugs they make you feel like a robot
I was thinking to see a natural doctor
I don't know what is causing my anxiety , I'm so confused could it be leaky gut that causing my anxiety or adrenal fatigue or some kind of hormonal imbalance or is it mental !? what if something like adrenal fatigue is causing my anxiety and I take anti anxiety medications that raise the serotonin levels in your brain !? I have many thoughts in my mind , I am getting crazy
Has anyone had any experience like this before ?
sorry for my bad English .
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Do you have any more recent thyroid labs?

Are you currently taking anti-thyroid meds?  If not, when did you stop?

Was the cause of your hyperthyroidism diagnosed, i.e. do you have Graves' disease?
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Hey , Thanks for your reply
I have my next appointment with my endocrinologist on Jan 7th but actually I checked my thyroid levels 3-4 weeks ago when I went to ER and it was ok .
No I'm not taking any anti-thyroid medications , I stop taking medications at the end of August .
Well my doctor said the cause of my thyroid is nodules , but I couldn't get the results for my radioactive iodine intake  due to CT scan that I had prior to I-123  
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Do you have the results and ranges from 3-4 weeks ago?  In the 10/02/15 labs posted above, you are very close to being hypothyroid.  Has anyone been testing your FT3?

Your doctor didn't say you had a toxic nodule or an autonomous nodule, did he?  
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I have the results but I don't know the reference range
TSH : 1.410
Free t4 : 1.20
My endocrinologist said I don't need the T3 but I believe they checked my T3  in the ER but I don't have the results for T3
Yes actually I went hypo while I was on medication but somehow my body recovered itself and backed to normal . I think it was around July that I was hypo ... ( There was many highs and lows , I was allergic to Methimazole then Dr switched me to PTU ,  but at the end thyroid seems Ok , I was on medication for a total of 4 weeks , 2 weeks Methimazole and 2 weeks PTU )
- No I don't think so if he mentioned that !
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The reference range for FT4 is usually in the vicinity of 0.8-1.8.  So, if that's the range your lab uses (you should verify), you're at 40% of range, which is a little low of the 50% guideline, but not drastically.

I think the very best thing you could do now is get your FT3 tested.  We're kind of flying blind without it.  That would really help determine if it's thyroid causing your symptoms.  Your FT4 and TSH are good and shouldn't be causing the symptoms you're having.  

Do you have the results of the labs you were diagnosed hyper on?  Were you having similar symptoms to your current ones before going on methimazole?
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This is the very first blood test results as of 6/26/15
t4 : 12.0    range : 5.0 - 12.5
T3 uptake : 43.5 %     range : 22.5 - 37.0
Free thyroxine index : 5.2     range : 1.0 - 3.9
TSH : less than 0.008     range : 0.350 - 4.500
All of my symptoms almost exactly started after I used HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE + DEER ANTLER VELVET and TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER :(
Since then I have intense anxiety
Now my symptoms are similar to the symptoms when I was hyperthyroid , a little bit more intense + I can't sleep at nights !
I don't know I'm suspicious to adrenal fatigue , I will have a urine test to confirm if I have adrenal fatigue and I will use your advise and ask for FT3
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So, on 6/26/15, your total T4 was right at the top of the range.  Your TSH was very low.  Both of those indicate hyper, so it's not surprising you had symptoms.  Your current labs are not even close to those, they're not hyper at all, yet your symptoms are worse.  FT3 could be the answer, or it could rule out thyroid as the cause.

Be sure that whatever adrenal test you get includes distinct readings over a 24-hour period.  I've heard that the 24-hour saliva test is the best, but mainstream medicine tends to shun saliva tests.  Any test that averages can miss abnormal highs balanced by abnormal lows.

I don't see much on the side effects of HGH or deer antler velvet, but that seems to be because they haven't been researched much.  And beyond the side effects of any one, there's the possibility of side effects from the combination of the three you were taking.

You might also ask to have thyroid antibodies tested.  TPOab (thyroid peroxidase antibodies) and TGab (thyroglobulin antibodies) are the markers for Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which is ultimately hypo but can swing from hyper to hypo in early stages.  TSI (thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin) is the marker for Graves' disease (hyper).  These would also help to confirm or rule out the cause as thyroid related.  
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Appreciate all the info , I'll update you as soon as I got the results
Enjoy your holidays and merry Christmas !
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Hi sorry for the late response
I'll write it for the future references
after seeing many doctors finally my naturopathic doctor found my problem
here is my lab results :
tsh : 2.570 range : 0.450 - 4.500
triiodothyronine free , serum ( free t3 ) : 3.2 range : 2.0 - 4.4
t4 free 1.15 range :  0.82 - 1.77
thyroid peroxidase ( tpo ) : 7 range : 0 - 34
thyroglobulin antibody : 5.9 range : 0.0 - 0.9
vitamin d : 30.8 range : 30.0 - 100.0
so I have high antibodies ( Hashimoto's ) even though my thyroid levels are normal !
I searched the whole Google and there's no cure for Hashimoto's except for life long synthroids which I don't want to do it !
I talked to my naturopathic doctor and he said he can treat hashimoto's with a simple diet plan , He said in Hashimoto's it's not about what you put inside your body , it's all about what you not put inside your body !
He gave me some gluten free diet and I expect to get better in the next 3 months
My vitamin D levels are also low , I should supplement with vitamin D
Hope it helps.
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Your TGab is elevated, and TGab is one of the markers for Hashi's.  However, TGab can be somewhat elevated with other autoimmune diseases.  Keep in mind that antibody counts on diagnosis of Hashi's are often in the high hundreds, or even thousands.  

You are correct that there is no cure for Hashi's, it's treated with replacement thyroid hormones.

The gluten-free diet as a "cure" for Hashi's has been kicking around for years.  I've yet to hear anyone "cured" by it.  I've done extensive reading on the subject, and I find the theory severely lacking in any scientific basis.  Your antibody load is very light, so perhaps it will help you.  Your thyroid function hasn't been compromised yet, and in my opinion, if a g/f diet were ever to help someone, it would be someone like you who has very little damage as yet.  Also, there's the possibility that you really don't have Hashi's.  

Good luck with it...  
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Thank you again
hope it'll go away with a gluten free diet
all of these started immediately after taking HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE + DEER ANTLER VELVET + TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER
I'll keep you updated again
thank you and be safe .
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Yes, I remember...that combination may have been playing with fire.  

Best of luck, and please do let me know how it goes.
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