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Anxious and afraid

I recently had CT scan of head and neck that revealed I have 4 tumors.  Three of the tumors are on my jugular (the largest measures 1cm) and one is on my thyroid(measures 1.5cm and is hypodense).  This all by itself has made me a nervous wreck because the first thing that comes to my mind is the big scary "C" word.  I've had a 'lump' on the left side of my neck just below my ear for approx. 8 years.  I had it checked by three different doctors who all thought it was muscle related because they couldn't "feel it".  I have a sebacious cyst in my left armpit and a mass in my left breast.  (both were checked and the doctor told me that the breast mass appeared to be benign so he would just 'watch it') I also was recently diagnosed with HPV and was rated high risk for all of the pre-cancer cells.  A few months ago the 'lump' in my neck got bigger and has been causing me pain all in through my ear, neck, around lower jaw and even into my shoulder.  Shortly after that I noticed a 'mass' on my chest just to the left of my sternum, I have a 'mass' on the inside of my right knee and a palpable mass in my stomach underneath my belly button that's feel to be about the size of a tennis ball.  I also have had pain and tenderness near my left ovary for about a year.  So I went to the doctor and he sent me for this cat scan which revealed these tumors.  My primary doctor doesn't seemed concerned with my ailments and has not ordered any further testing and has just told me to follow up with him in one month.  I cannot wait that long!  This morning I woke up and my left ear was bleeding.  I'm a nurse and work at a hospital.  When I got to work this morning I had the ER doctor look in my ear and he said he didn't see anything that would cause it to bleed however, he said there was mold in my upper ear canal.  I'm freaking out because as a nurse, I know just enough to scare the **** out of myself and I'm afraid that I may have cancer that has possibly spread throughout my body.  If anybody out there has any info, advice, or similar symptoms please, please let me know.  Thanks so much
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Hi.  Thanks for responding. I have not had biopsy yet, only 2 CT scans & an U/S done last Fri. but do not have results from that yet.  I have an appt. w/new doctor this morning whom I'm hoping will start this ball rolling a little faster!  If he doesn't, I contacted a cancer center in Missouri at Washington University Medical and they told me I could transfer all of my medical records to them and they would see me today.  So I'm hopeful that one way or another I'll be able to receive the help I need today.  The waiting is what has been so hard on me!  I had doc give me anti anxiety med and that seems to help keep my worries at bay.  How long have you had thyroid ca?  Have you received any tx for it yet?  I have loads of questions so I don't mean to bombard ya.  I'll keep you posted on how things go today as soon as I get the chance.  And thanks again-I really appreciate it.
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Hi there- have you had a biopsy yet? Even if your ultrasound results are inconclusive (mine showed nothing! but it turns out I have thyroid cancer) a biopsy is the best thing you can do. I am a nurse as well and I know what you mean- we see to many bad things! Take a deep breath and know we are all here for you if you need help. See if you can pull some strings at the hospital and have a biopsy scheduled asap. The bleeding in your ear also concerns me- is this continuing? I would also consider getting a new GP if your doctor is not seeming concerned- you need to have someone on your side. Let us know how you are doing. XO
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