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Any good thyroid doctor in UTAH ??

I just slammed the door of my doctor today, she thinks she knows about thyroid problems when she really does not.

So I am turning to the forum: does anyone know of a good thyroid doctor in Utah?? I am near Salt Lake City, I can also drive to Provo if needed.

Please let me know here or by personal message! Thanks!!
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Saw your post.  There is someone named Utahmomma that I am assuming is from Utah.  Perhaps you can hook up with her?
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This is a site that I have had some success with.  Look in your area and especially read through the patient reviews for any doctor that might work for you.

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Thank you for your answers!

I did a search on Utahmomma and found the name of a endocrinologist she recommends here so I'll make an appointment with him and go from there.
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Did you ever go see that endocrinologist? I am looking for a good thyroid doctor in Utah who will listen and be open minded. Thanks for any help :-)
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That post from Ecologic is very old, and she doesn't seem to be monitoring this forum currently.  You might try clicking on her name and sending a message with your question.
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