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Any imput or information please?

I have been bedridden in pain now for 4 years. My current diagnosis include the following....just diagnosed HYPOPARATHYROID, Thyroid Antibodies, also I have Hashimotos, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Severe Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, White matter lesions on brain MRI but not considered right shape for Multiple Sclerosis, high Eosinophills, high AST blood levels, EBV, Scoliosis and depression and more. I am 46 years old PRE- menopausal and live each and every day in moderate pain when on medication and sleep most of the day and night. I have urination difficulties, hard to start...wake up 3x nigt on average to pee. Urinate on average 13 times a day. My large intestine is paralyzed requiring daily medication to move stool through. I am very confused scared and so so tired of it all. How to keep going? I have an appointment with endo next week on basis of Hypoparathyroid results.  Any response on any area I have brought up would be so appreciated for someone who feels so alone. Thank you...
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I can only feel for you very deeply.  I am only hypothyroid and I think I have it bad.  I am so sorry for all of your pain and discouragement.  I don't have one answer for you but you might go back to the forum page and ask the professionals.  God Bless you and don't give up.  There must be some answers for  you somewhere.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me. It is nice to know there are people like you in this world.
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Oh goodness, I sometimes think I have it bad.  God be with you.

I know that the parathyroid control calcium levels and that if you are hypo it causes osteoarthritis, osteoperosis, and scoliosis, my mil has that.  Also being hypothyroid can be the cause of the fibro.  Keeping your thyroid levels around 1.0 or lower can some times help this immensely.  Both of these can also cause depression, but of course if I was in your position I would be depressed also.

Am sorry I can't help you with anything else you listed, I don't know about any of it.

If you'd like to write back and forth you can personal message me and we can be online friends. :)  But you probably won't need me b/c the people on this forum are so great, they'll make you very welcome.  I'm not on here as much as I use to be so I may not always see your posts but know I will be thinking of you and praying for you.

God go with you.
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Wow....In one evening I am lucky enough to ave 2 people Bless me. Thank you so much! I am not on often, it is very tiring, but I will let you know what my endo says on Wednesday. I hope that is alright.
Take Care
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I'll be here.  

No need to write me back about this, was just wondering if maybe your computer can be voice commanded?  Would be much easier and less painful am sure.  If you don't know maybe you can have somebody check into it for you.  Dac
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My husband purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking for Christmas but I have not yet fully installed it. This will give me a reason! Try to soon. goodnight
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Are you sure your diagnosis wasnt HYPERparathyroid? It sounds like you have all the symptoms of hypercalcemia/ hyperparathyroidism...If you have a tumor on one of your parathyroid glands causing this mess, the good news is, once it's gone, your pain will probably go too..Just curious...have you had kidney stones?  Frequent headaches? Hot flashes?..I know you have muscle and joint pain...The brain lesions may be from calcium deposits..The paralyzed intestine from hypercalcemia as well...If you think you may have a hyperparathyroid, get you parathyroid hormone level checked...and ionized calcium...
I am 43 years old. Last year all my symptoms finally came together (after having them getting worse over a period of years)..And I had a tumor the size of a chicken egg causing these problems...doc's just don't look for this...I had...7 kidney stones in 2 years, hot flashes, irreg periods, weight gain, headaches, heartburn, gall stones, muscle and joint pain, sleep problems, fatigue, constipation, constant urinating, (5-7 times in a 6 hour night), joint swelling, hypercalcemia, liver enzymes elevated, edema in lower legs and puffy face...Also occasionally a racing heartbeat and, towards the end, anxiety...All this is gone now...and has been since last May..Good luck! Please post what the doc found...
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I can completely sympathize and relate on the symptom of frequent urination.  That one alone wrecks havoc.  It makes getting a good nights sleep impossible, resulting in tiredness all day.  Plus, it interfers with a social life due to the embarrassment of others noticing how much we have to step away to use the restroom, etc., etc..  It's just a viscious cycle that causes anxiety and depression.

For what it's worth to you... I was diagnosed with parathyroid disease, my gland was hyper though.  Since I had the surgery to remove that bad gland my frequent urination had lessened.  It hasn't completely gone away, but it's much, much better.  Hence, some of the issues it was causing have gotten better.  I've actually slept whole nights without having to get up.

You've bared a lot.  I so hope your upcoming appt. gives you some answers.  Good luck.
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I agree that my symptoms are much more similar to hyper than hypo, but I have asked my doctor twice, plus I have lab results that indicate hypoparathyroid. I have not had Kidney Stones or gallstones. I have occassional warm flashes and in the last 6-9 months I have gained 15-20 pounds with no change in eating habits. I have been bedridden for 4 years....a big day for me is a trip to the grocery store. As of late, I have put off going anywhere, it is just too much for me. I also have been having chest pains, left rib cage and under and below breast. I have seen a heart doctor and I have a stress test (by injection) scheduled next month.I am so happy for you that you are feeling better. And I so much appreciate you taking an interest in me. xo
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Thank you for responding to my post. I am sorry you went through and still have symptoms of urinary problems. It is amazing how even frequent urination can affect your life so proundly. And when it is just one symptom of one of many health issues it makes it even more difficult. Thank you for your understanding. Take care and be well.
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Please read Dr. J. Norman's hyperparathyroid site...it covers both hyper and hypo...I am of the strong belief you may have been suffering needlessly for a long time with many symptoms that may be related...good luck...for your sake, I hope this is it, and it begins a road to wellness for you...
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