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Any other Hashimoto people grain-free?

In my exhaustive reading anything I can find on Hashimoto's it seems many are grain-free with the idea that grains can cause inflamation in autoimmune suffers, maybe not all but any way...I am eating buckwheat instead of rice or other nongluten grains I was using...my stomach seems less distended and that makes me happy...I have hated that pregant look for years. Will keep you posted.
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Are you being adequately treated/medicated to relieve hypo symptoms?  Please post your thyroid test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.
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I am seeing an endocrinologist and taking Levoxyl 125 and was told by the surgeon who did the partial thyroidectomy and my endo that i have Hashimoto's, that is what caused the nodule that destroyed 1/4 of my thyroid.
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Welcome, "hashi53",  your new here!-  (Member since Jan 2011).

Lesson #1 about thyroid, don't just believe all doctors thyroid opinions without researching your issue.

Many times they say labs are normal when they are not, and no all patients learn about desiphering their lab results.

There is plenty of proof that thyroid lab ranges are to broad for the specific individual. Its an average of the population and no one knows where your body's optimal levels were before thyroid issues arose. Posting your lab results here can help you understand, were doctors fail to communicate this with you due to their biased opinions or lack of
knowledge - scary but true.

So you must have had elevated thyroid antibodies along with hypothyroid symptoms that led to the Dxing of Hashie.

With Hashimoto disease, Thyroid antibodies slowly destroy the thyroid gland , that is what they do to all of us with this condition. So most slowly increase meds over the years to offset the slowly progressing lack of thyroid hormones. And most Hashis patients develop nodules. It is the antibodies that deterierate the thyroid, not the nodules. Some people without antibodies can actually have thyroid nodules!

Its not very common, (very uncommon actually) to have part of your thyroid removed due to Hashimoto.  Well, unless your nodules were huge and could not be removed without part of the gland itself.

The 'Free T3' test, which most docs dont do unless asked, will reveal T3 levels. T3 levels effect digestion. Just getting TSH and T4 tested is not enough. T4 is converted to T3 in effiecient bodies. With part of your thyroid missing , your not as effiecient as your conversion process once was.

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Your question, yes many people feel better without gluten, with or without Hashimoto. But first you need to understand if your thyroid is being treated optimally. Digestion and thyroid is about T3.

Many on T4 meds only have IBS, acid reflux, constipation, bloating - that go away after T3 is elevated above T4. But it seems endos would rather send us to a gastroenteritis to further drain our pocket books instead of looking at T3. Been there, done that. Fixed it by researching myself. The 'abuse' of  'practicing' Modern Medicine has become a joke.
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My TSH was high, if memory serves 6 something...and that is why my endo upped my Levoxyl from 112 to 125 and she discussed that it was too bad the surgeon didn't removed the whole thyroid instead of 1/4. she ordered another sonogram in a couple months to take a look again at how it is doing.

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Those of us that end up with a succesful thyroid treatment plan have learned about our condition, this means asking for and keeping copies of all lab work (your right and the law). This is essential.

You need to ask them why. Removing the thyroid is only generally practiced for Graves hyper thyroid not Hashimoto. This is a fact, not an opinion of mine. Dont just take their word for it.

Sorry for being so straight forward, I'm not so sure you totally understand my last reply. Upping thyroid med with Hashimoto is normal. We all 'up' the med dose till the thyroid dies off from antibodies over a course of 10-30 years, then med is stabilized as we are totally dependent on it. Did they not tell you this?  Many Docs do not communicate well.

: )


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I had my first appt with an endo about 18 months ago...she slowly upped meds every time I saw her...then last summer she left and her PA thought it would be a good idea to do a sonogram, they found a nodule and i had surgery the end of September. The surgeon said he took 1/4 of my thyroid due to Hashimoto's. He said those words. I didn't make it up.

Five years ago a Doctor said he thought I might have hashimoto's but nothing was done until like I said another doctor reffered me to an endo.

I have a friend in my area who felt dreadful for years and then she finally ended up at an endo. and she had all but two buds removed to cover her parathyroid and what was the diagnosis? Hashimoto's.

I am thrilled to learn all I can about thyroiod disease and Hashimoto's but i don't think it is necessary to be condescending to each other we have enough to deal with day to day.


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I am not being condescending at all, we all learn here. I'm trying to help you understand. I knew very minimal about thyroid care when I was Dx'ed, still learning today. At one point a doc gave up on me saying I had Fibromyalgia, with there is no lab test to confirm. People here helped me, by telling me what I didn't know. I learned that my Hashimotos condition was under treated since Dxing 10 years prior.

It is very unfortunate that we need to learn about this disease before we hand our health over to doctors. Many people are not aware that is our right to get copies of labs. This is help full for you to have copies of labs.

Many, including myself, found the details of thyroid disease confusing at first. It can be info overload compared to what the doctors tell us. I am surprised at your doctors explanation on the decision. The nodule must have been substantial in size.

Hoshimotos itself, if treated properly (not many docs know how to treat all Hashi patients) is a livable condition with thyroid intact, not usually a justifiable reason for removal.

There are many details that help with feeling better. One is for your doctor and yourself to track your Free T3 levels. For many that is the answer to feeling better as many doctors do not even test this, as they might be un-informed them selves. Many doctors over look many solutions to treating  thyroid disease.

I do know someone with gluten intolerance, and gluten effected her thyroid hormone out-put. She does not have Hashimoto, had non-autoimmune hypothyroid from gluten. With her, no gluten, no hypo.

Peace also,
: )
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I have tried the gluten-free food plan a couple of times (short term) and I did feel better although I'm not sure (and don't think) the "feel better" was related to my auto-immune condition (hashis) Gluten is a protein founf in many grains that give dough & other products their elasticity. The thought that gluten free may be better for hashis people,is that the molecular structure of the proteins in gluten are similar to that of the thyroid tissue. The antibodies that attack the thyroid are increased because 60% of the immune system is located in the digestive tract according to Datis Kharrazian also known as Dr. K and explained in hos book "Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests are Normal?" I bought the book but am undecided about his medical opinions. It seems to be quite controversial on this forum - the gluten issue.
But you know, this is a journey to wellness and I like to read what others have to and consider it myself.
On another note - I thought rice was gluten-free. I used rice or quinoa spaghetti during my gluten-free test periods.
Something else I do to help alleviate the constipation that often afflicts me regardless of my good labs is using scented epsom salts in my bath (in addition to taking adequate magnesium with my calcium)
I believe that one of the causes of weight gain with hypothyroid is our sluggish digestive systems in addition to the metabolis slow-down of every cell in our body.
Also...scented epsom salts is a nice way to pamper ourselves - heaven knows we need those relaxing moments!
Now to get back to your question - I do believe going gluten-free or even reducing it, as well as eliminating (or reducing) refined sugar & processed foods do have a positive impact on anyone - hashimotos patient or not. Although I do eat gluten containing foods from time to time, I remain cautious, and try to not eat it on a daily basis to give my digestive system a break.
Not everyone will agree, but thats what I do : )
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I have been gluten free for years, even before I even knew I had a thyroid problem so it is not a sacrifice...I used to have red itchy blisters on my face and headaches and migraines and could not sit still and stomach problems and without gluten those things (except stomach issues) have disappeared from my life and I will never ingest gluten again.
I don't do alcohol, but hadn't for years so that again was no sacrifice and eliminating caffeine was no bigggee...sugar was hard but I have not had candy for six months and I was a candyaholic so that was hard...and so it goes...no soy, no eggs...and now no grains...and the distended stomach situation is better...so for me it works.

Getting late...good night everyone. HUGS
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I have went gluten free due to hashimotos, and I was having an allergy to everything.  If I accidentally get glutened now I get really sick.  I have been going through a hashimotos health crisis in the last 6 months.  I would say that I don't think gluten free has helped the hashimotos, but it must have helped it a little because I barely take any of my meds now.  I read the book saying it was helpful, but again, I'm not sure it really helped me.  The people here are really helpful and can get you on the right track to taking meds and getting you feeling where you need to be.  Take care.
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thanks Danie...every time we share we start to understand and learn. So again, thanks.
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