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Any remedies for cold and flu?

I was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago with hypothyroidism and I seem to constantly catch everything. When I get sick, I stay sick. Everything from fevers with or without illness, having to urinate frequently, extreme fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain and swelling and right now I feel like my kidneys are going to erupt. I can't sleep because I'm in so much pain. I can't take any cold meds and I just started back to work after being diagnosed. Already out sick on my fourth day. Anyone have any ideas or solutions?
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Are you aware that recurrent infections are a possible symptom of still being hypothyroid?  Note this section on infections, taken from a very long list of potential hypo symptoms.

    Frequent infections
    Chronic illness
    Low immune system
    Frequent colds
    Frequent flus
    Susceptibility to bronchitis
    Hard time recovering from infections
    Recurrent sinus infections
    Recurrent skin infections
    Recurrent ear infections
    Recurrent nose infections
    Recurrent throat infections
    Candida (yeast)
    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
    Repeated urinary tract infections
    Upper respiratory tract infections
So, if you will please post your thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report, we will be better able to assess your status.  Also please tell us about any other symptoms you have.
It's been a few months since my last labs and I never actually got to see my results. GP just told me everything looked normal. I go back at the end of the month but I am just so tired of getting sick. This year alone I had a really bad UTI that turned into a bladder and kidney infection and I was sick for 3 months. Not to mention the shot they gave me messed up my leg for months after that. I also have RA since age 16. And fibromyalgia add of the last year. And it seems as soon as I recover from one thing something else happens. In the last 2 years I've had mono, numerous skin infections, bronchitis pretty much every time I get sick that takes me months to get rid of, kidney infections, bladder infections, ear infections, high BP and heart rate, hi and lows in blood sugar, migraines, and I'm so tired all of the time.
Hi Smiley,  your story points towards adrenal issues, most of your symptoms are related to that especially the fact you get sick often and don't seem to get over it. Fibromyalgia  and respiratory problems are strictly connected with adrenal issues. Adrenalfatigue.org is a really good website to get some nice info. Dr. Wilson has written a book on that, very informative. I strongly advise you to do some reading on it, I guarantee you will find your symptoms exactly laid out. There is a good test you can take and it tells you how severe is your situation. Not many doctors look at the  OAT axis as a complete triangle.(ovary,  adrenal, thyroid) When one is under the other 2 pick up the slack,  but  of the 3, adrenal can hit the breaks for the other 2, and in spite of treatment won't be improvement until adrenals are treated. It's hard because all three can share  some of the same symptoms.  Hope you find some answers.
Thank you for the info. I am going to look into it. You mentioned ovary...could that have anything to do with the cysts in my ovary that started about the same time I got really sick bc of my thyroid? Just curious and eager to learn what I can.
For anyone else looking for info similar to my situation, Hashimotoshealing.Com was a very explanatory site. Thank you for the top on the adrenal function. It was very helpfu .
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Could you possibly call the doctor's office and get the test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report and post them here.  I really want to try and help figure out what is going on and don't want you to have to wait until the end of the month when you go back to the doctor.  If you can get the results, we can get you prepared to have the right kind of discussion with the doctor and get you started on the road to recovery.  
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Check your vitamin D and vitamin B12 levels as well.
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My last lab results don't show reference ranges for some reason. I will call docs office tomorrow but I looked on my patient portal and it doesn't show much but...as of 7/19...
T4 free: 1.0
T3 free: 3.4
TSH:     1.86

I'm not sure what the reference ranges are currently though. I have noticed that my numbers have continuously risen through my last 3 labs.
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I will call docs office tomorrow to see if I can get more detailed results. I don't currently have reference ranges but as of 07/19...
T4 free: 1.0
T3 free: 3.4
TSH:      1.86

Not sure if it means anything but I have noticed my numbers have risen steadily during my last 3 labs. I don't think I've ever had ferritin tested but my last doctor used to check my vitamins D and bs. I take vitamin d3 to supplement and I take b12 occasionally when I remember. My last doc gave me b12 shots once a month but she up and left and I had to find a new one.
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Sorry guys my phone is acting up. It didn't post the first post until after I posted the second lol
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I did some digging and a preliminary questionaire on adrenal fatigue and I appreciate the information. The preliminary pointed strongly towards adrenal issues and I got some guidance from another member to get on the right path towards healthy living. I just wanted to thank you for your assistance and knowledge on my situation. :-)
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