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Anybody here on bioidenticals plus thyroid medicine?

I am not entering menopause or anything like that. I have been in thyroid treatment for about two years now and even though I have been getting my cycle monthly now and have less acne and some other benefits, I still suffer from what I have been suffering since I am 15 years old: hair loss, anxiety and some heart palps along with mood changes, endometriosis, and PMS

I am suspicious about having too low estrogen levels and apparently thyroid medicine has not been able to fix that. I am seeing my GYN this week and I would like to ask him to put me on biodentical cream to balance my hormones. I am sure he will test me first (sex hormones) which is fine. He wanted to put me on the BC pill, but I want something more natural, plus the pill take your libido away!!.

I am wondering if anybody here is using bio identical, progesterone cream, or any other kind of sex hormones and plus taking thyroid medicine. Did you have to regulate, increase, decrease thyroid medicine dose? did you notice a difference in your body soon? any other advise? are you still able to get pregnant while on these hormonal creams? Thanks!
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Taking bio-identical hormones along with thyroid meds is perfectly fine. If you take estrogen, you may need to readjust your thyroid hormone levels.
Taking bio identical is not a form of birth control, so you will still need to take precautions. It is very important to take a pharmaceutical grade hormone NOT derived from soy, when on thyroid meds as it will interfere with your absorption of thyroid hormone.
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Thanks Laura, that sounds like great news to me. I have read that when taking estrogen or applying it, thyroid medicine should be increased.I guess that does not apply when using progesterone only.

I also read that some of those bio identical creams are made from soy as you mentioned. In order to not take one made from soy, should I have to have it made especially for me? or there are some on the market without soy? not sure if you have that info.

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Your gynocologist can even prescribe bioidenticals. A good company i like to get progesterone from is Emerita. I believe they also have a soy free estrogen as well. Both are cream forms.
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Your symptoms are very similar to PCOS. It is a hormonal disorder that can start to develop in the puberty due to a natural raise of insulin. A diet high in carbohydrates and sugars also contributes to insulin resistance that can trigger PCOS.

The metabolism of estrogen and androgenic hormones such as testosterone, androstenedione and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS) is impaired in those with PCOS. Women with PCOS have also low progesterone and estrogen cream will make this condition even worse promoting a condition called estrogen dominance when too much estrogen is not balanced by sufficient amount of progesterone. Estrogen dominance also promotes insulin resistance and supresses the thyroid function.

PCOS and autoimmune thyroid condition Hashimoto's disease promote each other. By reversing PCOS the thyroid function should also improve.

Due to complexity of hormonal imbalances in PCOS bioidentical hormones is not the best treatment option. Contraceptive pills can be effective at first but promote insulin resistance in the long-term.  

You need to reverse insulin resistance in order to overcome PCOS. The best way to do it is a special diet without simple carbohydrates, sugars and sweets. Regular exercise are also very helpfull.

I hope it helps!
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PCOS - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0001408/ "Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition in which there is an imbalance of a woman's female sex hormones. This hormone imbalance may cause changes in the menstrual cycle, skin changes, small cysts in the ovaries, trouble getting pregnant, and other problems."

From the same site: "Polycystic ovary syndrome is related to an imbalance in these female sex hormones."

While PCOS and insulin resistance are often present with hypothyroidism, they are not the same conditions, and other than the fact that they are both endocrine related, they have nothing to do with each other.  

PCOS is related to female sex hormones, while insulin resistance is when the body does not utilize insulin properly.  

I notice that you've posted the same message twice on 2 different forums, so I'd guess we might want to research and try to follow the money trail.
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Thanks Laura. I went to see my GYN  and I am infuriated. I asked him about what he thought of bio identical and he said he did not believe  in them. He said that they were not approved by the FDA and that there was no way to know if they had what they said they had. Then I said "progesterone cream". He replied that "that was to stimulate ovulation only and that I was ovulating", apparently he does not know it is being used by a lot of women in menopause because it also stimulates estrogen production.

The frustrating thing is that last time I told him about my symptoms and he did not doubt in prescribing birth control pill. I did not take them because I want something natural. But now, I told him again and he said he needed to test me and then we will see. He said that the same symptoms I describe for which he wanted me to take the BC pill before, were because I am hypo and that I probably was hyper! so I said "why I am then constipated?" he did not say anything and gave me a prescription to do estrogen and progesterone tests among others (blood not saliva). I have to see him in a month.

He was recommended by my primary who is treating my thyroid and who is very open minded, that is why I went to this GYN. however, this is a disappointment. Too bad my insurance does not cover and holistic doctor. Thanks!
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I have read that PCOS can be caused by Hypothyroidism since that gland regulates sex hormones, that is why I have been waiting to see if they regulate by having my thyroid working properly, but that has not happen, and yes I have a  cyst.

I think barb you are right and it is a sex hormonal imbalance, because when I was on the BC pill I felt a little better, although the last two years that was not the case, and that is why I quit and started thyroid replacement. I know a little extra help in the sex hormones department will help me.

outsmart- for what you are saying my condition or symptoms could be alleviated by a good diet. I follow a  good diet very low in carbs and no sweets, I do a lot of exercise, and I do not feel any better, even a little worse I would say, with a lot of migraines. My sugar levels are being tested continuously and I am all good, so I am not sure what you refer to when saying that insulin resistant is related to my symptoms.

For what I have been reading low estrogen can cause some of the symptoms I am having, if I had low progesterone I would probably not be ovulating. My doctor prescribed testing for estrogen and progesterone and I think I would be a little clearer on this in little while. Although the ratio between the two is also important and I do not think he will pay attention to that, unfortunately.
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There are many gynocologists out there that do prescribe bioidentical hormones....unfortunately you seem to have found one who is uneducated! lol My gyno has prescribed then to many patients (she is a woman as well). I make it a habit to ALWAYS see woman gyno's...they know women better!! Don't give up and keep trying to find a doctor who won't belittle you like that! Totally unacceptable! Let us know what your lab results are when you get them back.  :)
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I have had Hashimotos for about 9 years and went along without incident taking Levo for about 7 of those years. Along came the menopause and it all hit the fan. So to speak.

I consulted an Endo who specialise in Bio-indentical hormones about 18 months ago when I started getting a lot of thyroid-related symptoms despite my TSH being what my GP called 'normal' . Well, they would, wouldn't they ;-)

She tested my FT3 and FT4 and of course they were abnormal so she put me on Bio-identical HRT which seemed to correct the problems. Went back about  a year later for a checkup (with a few new symptoms)  and blood tests showed my FT3 was very low despite my FT4 being OK. She put me on a T3 med which I am now having difficulty adjusting to. Have an appointment tomorrow to discuss my symptoms.

So, in answer to your question, yes, I use both, and I have no reason to think that the problems I am now experiencing have anything to do with the Bio HRT.

I also found it curious how my thyroid issues resolved themselves initially with just the HRT, although a year down the road I did need to adjust my thyroid meds.
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I have been on thyroid in two forms, the animal derived version
and now I use iodine drops. I also started the bio hormones in
around 43. I have been using them,and they stopped many
bad PMS,and the rest of the problems,but it needs adjusting
i just added estrogen but that was cause i flatlines,and became
a robot,and my personality required a boost. the estogen prevented early menopause,i also started my period at age 16. so i bloomed late.
i did not treat thryoid till late 30's. so i suffered. now i am 47. i stopped
having all the hellish side effects of menopause,and for thyroid patients
its really a management of your self,you have to WORK OUT FITNESS or you will keep retreating to poor health.
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Thanks for sharing your story.

Well, I keep canceling my appointment with the GYN who could prescribe biodentical because 1.- I am afraid to add something else to my already routine of thyroid medicine, supplements and vitamins and will not know which one is working...2.- I am afraid of the side effects and potential future risks of biodentical. 3.- I have been reading reviews and some people got just worse.

I guess I am trying to see if something else will fix my symptoms. I am planning to visit him anyway because I need to do my annual, maybe in one or more months and I will see how I have been feeling with my diet,and thyroid medicine changes.

I am glad to hear to have had good results on it.
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I bet its your thyroid meds messing you up.  if you are on synthetic thyroid it is not working for you. You will do better on Dessicated Thyroid pills.
visit the website "stop the thyroid madness" and have a good read. you will be surprised.
I have been suffering for years and doctors never believed me I thought it was low thyroid.  I went to a bio-identical hormone specialist whos also an OBGYN. I am on bio-identical estrogen bi-est and progesterone added to it, plus 1/4 grain dessicated thyroid (in canada its called Thyroid, in USA its called Armour or Westroid) its my 4 th day and my baggy eyes have improved and my temperature went up 1 whole degree! good luck!
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