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Anyone get MedHelp Newsletter?

Seems like they are getting some really neat things on here.  Says there will be a way to privately message each other and lots of other stuff.  If you haven't gotten it yet or not read it yet you should, very interesting new ideas.

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I got it but haven't opened up the e-mail yet .. thanks for the go-get .. sounds like some nice upgrades .. we can really use them!

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got it but haven't read it yet
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ya!  Hope they don't start charging to belong to the site or ask for donations to keep running.  I would think they have enough ads for that.  I hope so.  However, looks promising.
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Read it last night. Need to read it again, as I have forgotten the details. Sounded like a good thing, though.

Private Messaging would be nice. I already apreciate the fact that they changed the board set up so that threads that are responded to come to the top of the page.

They did do that recently, right? I am not sure if that is a recent change or if I just had the "sort option" set wrong on my computer.

The only thing I can be sure of these days is that I will forget anything I don't write down, and I will lose any notes I have made. That is pretty much guaranteed. ;)
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I just hope in the private messaging good information isn't "hidden." You never know when someone's going to have a light bulb go off when they read something seemingly unrelated. I browse through random posts that end up quite helpful to me.
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