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Anyone got a clue on this issue?

This has been my mind boggle and only lingering issue that I would love to go away.

Here it is: This is really hard to describe - but I wake in the morning - and I feel full - like liquid full - to the point where I feel like I am so full I actually have a hard time swollowing to get even my saliva down. Nothing is drank yet. I pour a cup of coffee and then I start to feel even more full. The liquid seems like it is so much that even my nasal passages down my throat feels like I just sniffed up water and need to get it out. I can pretty much within 15 minutes  use the bathroom and feel just a tad better. In fact - that is my alarm clock for me...... I wake needing to use the bathroon and it is not just urine.

I take my vit's and have a hard time getting them to go down - like they are stuck.

As the morning progresses I start to feel bloaty - I eat a super light meal at 7 ( like a yogart drink) and then I blow up immediately in my belly! I swear I get dressed in the morning and things fit and then by the time noon get here my clothes are tight around my middle. Sometimes the breakfast is the only thing I can eat all day.

All day long it feels like I ate the biggest Thanksgiving meal all day long.

I have no real pain - except lately my lower back ( both sides like near the kidneys) has a mild constant ache ( like a lower back period cramping) and my left side pinches up to the rib cage and chest every so often.

I don't display classic symptoms/pain of gull bladder issues at all. Sometimes I feel like it has something to do with a bowel issue and when it gets really uncomfortable - I will try to use "some corrective measures" to see if it helps. I get some very mild relief - but the fullness is still there. I am considering a cleanse - not sure if that will help or not.

Now I have had this for years - but it definately is different in the last few months and seems more chronic.

I swear - it sometimes feels like I am drowning in my own fluids. Now I still don't exercise the way I should - so that could pose a problem. I still smoke - so I sometimes think it has something to do with the sphinter not closing right. I am not big on fiber but willing to try if it would help.

I daily feel a mild ingestion - definately NOT the unbelievable ACID like it was in the past - but ya know.......... there.

When I get home around 4 I feel huge - sometimes I still won't eat.  I find this is the time I can frequently burp or ( the other end) but to say I feel relieved is not happening.

All starts all over again the next morning.

Got any thoughts?

I had a GI test 3 yrs ago. - nothing. - I had an MRI and scan on my upper and lower belly - nothing. I had a year ago a xray on the intestines and found very mild F.O.S as they called it ("Full of sh**) but really the lax I was given did nothing per say. I am pretty sure I had some respitory tests - if so that was years ago and from what I remember it all was fine.
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Oh .... let me add this too.

As I sit here every morning - I also hear these ungodly sounds in my belly. It sounds like it is screaming the word

"Owwwwwww" all morning long.
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This sounds like tummy (gastro) issues w/the belly noises and all, But the bloating is the problem I have been having for a whilke now. I also was thinking I needed a total cleanse so I ordered one online that was really good and I did feel a little better but unfortunately that was not the problem b/c I still felt bloated.
I know what you mean about as the days wears on the more bloated I feel, and low and behold if I eat on top of already feeling this way......DOUBLE BLOATED!
I too thought I must need to exercise more, so here I go walking, but No that makes it worse.
I have finally resigned to believe it must be b/c my thyroid levels are off, my Dr. is trying to balance them out. I have had hypo for 20 yrs and have taken synthroid this long as well, but i have never felt so bloated before. I'm like you, no severe pain anywhere except feeling like my belly is stretching sometimes.
So Stella, all that said. I am hoping once my thyroid is balanced out I will feel better. Have you had your levels checked lately? Please let me know if you find a cure♥~
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I have had these symptoms on and off also but they seem to disapear when by ft3 and 4 levels are mid high range? Anyhow have you been tested for celiac and gluten and lactose intolerance or gut dysbiosis? I'm off milk products at the moment and that awful double bloating feeling is going... I'm living in Italy so I don't know the equilivant names in the states but have you checked out all immune issues regarding digestive system? seem to be really common with thyroid issues Here are the italian names maybe you could check them out

Anti Transglutaminasi IgA
Anti Transglutenaminasi IgC
Transaminasi GOT and GPT
Antigene Heliocobacter P

There are lots more and definitely worth checking out if you havnt done already.Its an awful feeling..best of luck
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All my levels are stable with thyroid. I am a bit higher than I was a while ago. It seems to be an issue for me no matter where I lye in my thyroid levels.

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Sorry but whats GI? By the way you didnt mention if you did any of the above tests or looked into them?
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I have the exact same problem. Feel like someone filled me with 2 gallons of water during the night, the noises, the bloat. It is awful. I look about 8 months pregnant. Have tried colon cleansers, eating more fiber, backing away from dairy products. NOTHING helps. I don't know what else to do.

This is in addition to all the other horrible symptoms that go along with the thyroid problems.

BTW, I am still waking every 1.5- 2 hours with adrenaline surges. So exhausted, am not able to barely function anymore.

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flynn60 brings up a very good point about the celiac and lactose issues.

Worth checking out, for sure.

You could eliminate wheat and dairy for a couple of weeks and see if there is a difference before getting the tests, especially if you have to pay for them. (like me)
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All I can say is that "it is not normal" to feel that way. You definetly sound like you have something going on with the gastro part of it. Gallbladder?

I would let your doctor know about it.
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I agree with the lactose and gluten intolerance as being possibilities.  In addition, have you had a colonoscopy in recent years?  And have you thought about looking into Crohn's disease?  I knew someone once who had that and he described very similar symptoms, only he often had pain with his.  

Don't want to sound stupid, but what does an "adrenaline surge" feel like?  Asking because I wake up very hour or 2 during the night and can't get back to sleep.  
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OK ... here's my take and probably a combo of everybody above me in the posts.  I used to be a CL for a reflux community for 8yrs + and you can still find me on Pediatric Reflux.  I think you have reflux going on and you don't need to taste it or have it come all the way up to know.  It's called Silent Reflux and can be quite damaging and symptomatic if left untreated.  The Esophagus you describe sounds like to me, in my non medical background, like esphageal spasms which won't let the water go up or down.  Awful sensation.

Before you go to bed at nght maybe try mega mylanta or gaviscon, etc.  Try taking otc Prilosec if your doc says ok for a short range time to see if these measures help BUT EAT CRACKERS BEFORE BED or anything to help wt. down what's in the tummy.

You could be having some IBS going on.

Could be ulcer or pindot ulcerations .. but probably not .. again, I'm not a Dr. hee hee

Could be allergies triggering the flare .. boo hoo

Doesn't sound like classic GB BUT it can rear its ugly head in fashions we don't always know about like with my daughter.  The only way to rule that out is with a costly HIDA Scan test which tests for functionality.  You could have stones .. always a possibility.

Now .. kidney stones can do as you describe except for the throat part.  They can play GI havoc big time but not the throat in my experiences.

So ...........MOM ='s Mother of Medicine degree .. I vote silent reflux.  AND THE CAFFEINE IS A NO NO NO NO .. big CAPS .. NO on the caffeine and also add chocolate to the list.

Try antacids before bed along with crackers.

See if Doc will allow trial of Prilosec .. bag the Zantac at this point.

And call me in the moring :)

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Reflux can also lead to ear infections and asthma which is misdiagnosed.  On tghe kidney stones ................due to where your pain is (renal colic flank pain), the only possible thing that comes to mind is that a possible stone is making you have relux .. like you have 2 things going on but probably remote possibility?  You know ... I have BOTH gall and kidneystones .. so come to me anybody with your ?'s hee hee  I can also be found on the MSK Community, Kidney Disorders too :)

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I've had horrible heartburn and bloating my whole life.  Well, it seems like it anyway.  I've pretty much cured it by changing my diet.  
For me, whole wheat is a big no no.  It causes severe reflux.  I also tried to stop eating any wheat products and I feel much better.  I fall off the wagon from time to time, and I usually pay for it.  Pasta doen't bother me though.
I think that prescriptions may cause some digestive imbalance.  So taking another pill might not cure it but just give some relief.  I try to eat from the earth.  Whole raw fruit has
lots of enzymes.  Nuts are a filling snack.  Walnuts raise good cholesterol.  Every time I get a handful, I can hear Mom saying, "Don't eat those!  They are for baking!"
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Thanks all - I know this isn't a real thyroid question - but I really depend on all your suggestions too.

The last time I was at the GI doctor was about - I think 3 yrs ago. I wasn't bloating - as bad then as I do now - but had horrible acid and I wasn't digesting my food good - very prominent in the stool.

About a year prior to that appt I had an endoscope ( right?) and a colonscopy - everything was "normal"

During this time I was really at my worst in my hypothyroidism - that was really when I started reading more and more and started putting the pieces together on why I wasn't feeling well.

I have come along way - but this lingering bloating and fullness all the time has just stumped me. The hypothyroidism symptoms ( and had many) really have vanished with the doctors I have now - but when we talk about this bloating - it just hasn't been solved as to why yet.

Two years ago in August is when the bloat started - It was scarey and as one said here - I DID look 8 months PG. I went for an ultra sound on my upper and lower stomach and nothing was found ( no gull or kidney stones) Still the doctor speculated that even though I was not having classic gull bladder symptoms - I probably needed it out. Before we moved forward on that thought - all of a sudden the bloat started to go away - not completely - but was less.

That was as far as we went after that - no surgery or follow up was done. I guess I just resided to the fact that this is now a part of my life.

But you guys know me - that just wasn't acceptable. So off I go on another search to rid this for me.

As for the tests above

Anti Transglutaminasi IgA
Anti Transglutenaminasi IgC
Transaminasi GOT and GPT
Antigene Heliocobacter P

Even though I do not have the records from the GI doc - I believe these were done 3 yrs ago - I know for sure H plyori was. and I do remember IgA.

As I preach all the time to get your records - I suppose I need to get these from them and see what was done. Thanks for listing the exact tests I need to see if they were done.

My diet is basically as all of you wrote. I eliminated ALL breads - pastas - potatoes for over a year. I eat very little red meat but keep my protein up by other high protein food. Zero sugar ( as best as I can)

In a nut shell - I eat so very little - I can't see why the weight isn't just melting off - but again - maybe the metobolism from thyroid is still not optimal.

Now this morning I feel pretty good. Yesterday - O'ye Vey - terrible. But the only thing I ate yesterday all day was one hard boiled egg and some yorgart.

That was it.

For years I had the "acid reflex" DX put on me. I didn't believe it - but know that Cheryl brings that up - I should maybe see if doing a few of those suggestions may help. I hate antacids- but we will see.

If there are any other thoughts - please share them - I really appreciate it.

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Do not let anybody take out your GB w/o it being documented dysfunctional on a HIDA Scan .. that is a nuclear test where they put in fake hormone to emulate you are eating/digesting and then it measures how well the GB works.  The lower the # on the results, the better % your problems will be solved with surgery.  In other words, my daughter's test results was a 4 .. yes FOUR .. which gave her a 96% chance of full recovery.

You can still get phantom pain after the removal of the GB as well as other complications.  So if any GI goes that route with you to "have it out" with a normal u/sound, and no known gallstones, I'd be leary.  Just my 2 cents.

Hating antacids.  Sorry kiddo. And make sure you don't eat for about an hour after taking them or you negate the antacid properties.  It takes weeks for Prilosec to work so don't give up too fast on them .. on the other hand, you don't want to mask a problem so don't stay on it too long, either, without the docs ok.

Coudl this be peri or menopause?  I ask cause I have missed Aunt Flo for the first time in my life and I am constipated that won't go away ... and bloated, and icky.  If this continues, I will go to have my TSH checked.  I was normal in that dept for 2yrs now on the Synthroid and then this female **** has started and may be messing up things in the TSH dept.  I am assuming for you, this is not part of your GI stuff ?

Catch up with you later ... :)

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You know the hormone stuff i digging into C -

It's all connection ... but how the heck how??

It's gonna take me a lifetime to learn the whole endo system and I am too old already :(
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OH noooooo look I got my first post with an ***** in it ... the word was C R U *

ha ha ha  C~
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Hi Stella,

Sorry it took me forever to look at this post. And, you know what I am going to say... Chit Chat Nine is onto something. Pre-menopause, Peri-menopause, and of course, full blown menopause (surgically induced or natural) can be the culprit of all the things addressed here.

Since 2000 I have investigated this hormone connection to my quality of life. I have had some relief from some of the current trends in treatments using bioidentical hormones (after a surgically induced Menopause) but have had the best results since following the protocol addressed by Dr. Elizabeth Vliet. The two books I have read (from her) are, "Screaming to be Heard" and also, "It's Your Ovaries, Stupid."

It's all about the Estradiol (not other estrogens... and, also it's about the blood tests... and, the school of thought that has been more prevalant over the past 15 years or so of pushing the use of Bio Progesterone, although right for some, should only be addressed after Estradiol levels are checked (and, honestly, after reading this doctor's work, I know I have been trying to function on a less than "optimal" dose of Estradiol).

Since I changed my approach to using these hormones, I have started to feel whole again.

But, here's where I need to turn th work over to the individual. My intent is not to leave anyone hanging, so to speak, but this is such a huge area (of such HUGE importance) that you must do the research so you can arm yourself with information, and also to see where you fit in personally, on this hormone issue.

I'll send you a PM, Stella, and thanks for your patience.

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Please let me know if you find an answer, I cannot understand why the day begins and I'm a bit bloated but by the end of day I'm 8 months pregnant swollen.  Very similar and I work out, eat light.  Did you say you stopped all whites a year ago and still bloating?
Have you seen a metabolism specialist?  I was told that bloating and abdominal weight is a sign of a metobolism problem.  Which is thyroid related?  anyone else have metabolism addressed, can it be?
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