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Anyone need to increase thyroid hormone, with increased activity / workouts?

I've never seen this posted hear. I had more exercise this winter than ever before in the last two years, and also increased T4/T3 dessicated slightly last month. To my surprise, my T3/T4 levels dropped a little  (both are below the 50% mark), TSH rose even with an increase in replacement hormone! The mg increase was not much, but my levels should have gone up a little, not backwards a little. Doc was baffled.

The only thing I can think of is my body is using thyroid up more now that I'm in better shape.  Anyone here ever read about this or experience this as a possibility? I eat a lot more and actually lost 5 lbs that I didnt even need to lose - so my body is consuming more just from more exercise. I have an obvious increase in physical endurance from trekking through the snow the last thee months, but still get a little tired when sitting around - why I wanted to increase med last month. I do not usually require sudden jumps in meds, as I've had Hashi for at least 20 years.

Does not make sense. All variables remained consistent with dose timing but increased amount. Same Erfa T3/T4 from same supplier. Same blood draw 8 AM time, with no med before draw - the usual for me.

This might just be proof that thyroid levels can around a lot, dont know. Anyway doc is OKing a little more increase. Levels should go up this time, one would think!

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kinda makes sense. maybe the body burns off the thyroid hormones more with increased activity,  if your a little hyper,  feeling it and you  exercise it seems to burn off that energy, maybe its the same with the thyroid hormones  in your body,  especially because it's being  kept at a  certain level artificially. with the replacement med, and not naturally coming from the thyroid/  ?? maybe??  just a thought.
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I'm curious if you work out in the morning or night?
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I am glad to hear you you have so much energy, I should move back to the Midwest, maybe its the lack of crisp cold air and moisture out here in the desert that makes me feel like crap LOL, or I can just pay you to treat me and fire my MD? you seem to make good progress. FTB4
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Well, energy when I'm moving........yes, once I get off the couch! I am still a little hypo.

But to have T3 / T4 levels drop after 5 weeks when I ADDED more med, is just strange. The only reason I can think of is my body is now consuming more of every thing, including thyroid hormone - if that's possible just from increased exercise.......?
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Sounds possible to me, just like an engine burning fuel, you burn calories, and other nutrition from your body, why not hormones. I don't think the medical profession can argue about that, they don't seem to know much about thyroid anyway LOL. Have a Good one. Best Regards FTB4
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I dont use the same routine. I change it up. And sometimes it depends on what body parts aren't sore!

Not enough time for me in the morning before work. Plus I do a lot outside - that takes time, so late afternoons on weekdays, but in the winter that means I finish skiing or snowshoeing in the dark.  Weekends I'll do mornings, but don't get as much out of it since I'm not an AM person. Way more endurance in the PM hours - but sometimes I get in a 15 min 'power nap' after work before exercise - its a huge difference. I can only do weights good in the PM, when I'm limber, and then there's plenty of rest time after. I'm not big on weights, they can get boring to me and offer very minimal cardiovascular gain, but do increase strength which can make other activities like skiing or mtn biking more enjoyable and beneficial.

When I was very hypo - (last year at this time from a med brand that did not work), I could not exercise at all. It was very painful in joints and muscles, scary actually. Just laying on the couch made me sore back then. So I am great-full that I can do things again.
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