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Anything else I should do?

I'm an almost 40 year old female with hypothyroidism (never tested for Hashimoto's) and GERD.  I get a thyroid ultrasound every year because of small thyroid nodules that I have (all less than 1cm).  After my last u/s, my PMD told me to see an ENT, b/c my u/s showed nodules inferior to both sides of my thyroid that were 1-2cm in size, most likely representing parathyroid nodules.  The ENT told me he recommended more bloodwork and a biopsy, but said he was going to send a report to my PMD and let him handle it.  My PMD ordered the bloodwork, which shows an ionized calcium of 4.6, PTH of 25 pg/mL, Calcium of 9.9, phosphorus of 3.5 and an albumin of 4.5, with normal kidney values.  My vitamin D level was not checked, but in the past (about 7 years ago) I had to take a vitamin D prescription.  I believe that under normal circumstances, you should not be able to visualize the parathyroids on an u/s, and it may be adenomas or hyperplasia.  But with my bloodwork being fine, should I be concerned or pursue this further with the ENT doc?  My PMD has not ordered a biopsy....other than being exhausted all the time (I work nights in a busy trauma center) I feel fine....
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