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Are my medications causung heart problems?

I was diagnosed hypo 6 years ago. Tried Synthroid & symptoms were still there. My doctor put me on Armour 3 yrs ago. I loved it all symptoms were gone except the weight & fatigue. I developed terrible heart palpitations while on Synthroid so when I switched & noticed that had stopped, I was excited! Well, last year I ended up in the ER with PAC's & reflux. I was told they were normal. Saw my doc & was diagnosed with ADD. I've been on adderol ever since. What in the world? I've tried to get taken off with no luck. Won't a stimulant make my PAC's worse? Thyroid effects the heart anyway. My heart flutters all day, everyday. I'm worried. Any advice? Sorry for the rambling.
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Obviously there are a number of things possibly affecting your heart palps.  Let's start by having you post your thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.   Also please tell us about all symptoms you have.  What is your daily dosage of Armour?  Do you take it all at once?  When you go in for re-tests do you take your morning dose of Armour before the blood draw for tests?  If tested for Vitamin D, B12  and ferritin please post those as well.
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