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Armor dosage

My doc recently doubled my Armor dosage from 120mg to 240mg taken simultaneously.  Has anyone experienced this dramatic of an increase?  Wouldn't this be the equivalent of 400mcg of levoxyl or synthroid?  Hashi's ...been on Armor about 10 mos...switched from Levoxyl 150mcg to 90mg Armor...upped to 120mg in Nov....now DOUBLED?

Any thoughtful opinions would be appreciated...
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In my opinion that is way too much of an increase.  What was the basis for the doctor deciding to make this change?  Was it based on lab tests?  If so, please post the last couple of series of tests and their reference ranges shown on the lab report.  If it was based on symptoms, please tell us about your symptoms and the severity.  

The 240 mg of Armour ( 4 grains ) is the equivalent of about 300 mcg of a T4 med.  This is a heavy dose in itself, much less making such a change overnight and to be done in one dose.  I have to question your doctor's knowledge of meds containing T3.
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There has to be some rational explanation for the increase in dosage. The only thing I can think of is to ask your pharmacist. They will tell you for sure especially because these are different drug manufacturers. I take synthroid and there is no generic for it. Maybe the new med is generic and less potent at the lower dosage.
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