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Armour Thyroid taken with homeopathic drugs

Wondering..... Does anyone know if it is okay to take homeopathic OTC drugs while taking Armour?  I am not talking about homeopathic to aide in Thyroid function, but for other reasons, like anxiety, cough, headache or whatever the problem may be at the the time.   I just bought some "nerve tonic" for my PMS.  Are there any herbs or homeopathic remedies I need to stay away from while on Armour Thyroid?
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Like food keep herbs separate for one hour. Vitamins separate for 4 hours.

Always look at the ingredients. !

Soy additives mess with thyroid as it mimics estrogen in the body. All hormones work in balance changing one , changes others.
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I always take my Thyroid meds in the morning w/my 2 cups of coffee.  Have for 15 years now.  Do you think this is a problem?  This is the absolute only time I can remember.  It's routine.  But I wonder.... maybe this is why I've never felt 100%...

Thanks for any insight.
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no calcium as im milk in coffee!!!
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Hi,  I don't drink milk.  So I am safe there.  The RX says take on an "empty stomache".  I've always wondered if 2 cups (large) was ok.  Thanks for your response.
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Yes a stomach with coffee in it is not empty.

Coffee, consistantly 1/2 hour minimum after meds is one thing. With meds its a  no, no.

Funny I don't need coffee since I have additional T3. Back in the day on a T4 med, I could not wake up , ever!
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