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Armour dosage

Does anyone know what the equivalent dosage of Armour is to 1.25 mg and 1.0 mg levothyroxine respectively?
Also, if anyone knows  the equivalent Armour to 1.0 mg levothyroxine/ .25 mg Cytomel...

Thank you very much in advance....

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Thank you. :)
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I just got a bid conversion chart from my Pharm at Walgreens'  ( definately call them to get that too)

I can say the about a 1 grain tablet of Armour is = to about .88 to .100 Synthroid/Levo

As for the Cytomel added in there I don't recall those numbers but the Armour is higher in T3 than Cytomel.

Sorry that is all I have right now - but the pharmacist can give you a work up sheet on all that stuff.
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