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Armour dosing after TAH

I have been on .137 Synthroid for four year before TAH with the typical problems after hysterectomies (weight gain, fuzzy thinking, blahs).  Began HRT with bio-identicals with less than good results.  After a year of that, the OB put me on estroidal as my estrogen was way low, but I kicked it after three days of headaches, four pounds gained, and lack of desire.
SO, finally found a new pharmacy that took a look at my BHRT, told me I was on therapeutic dosage found in dept stores (paid 90 bucks a month for that!) and also recommended Armour.  Started at 2 grains, but everything I read says to increase dosage per the symptoms?  I added 1 grain after lunch, but no weight change, no desire to exercise, nothing....still tired, still blah.

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bumping this up for others to post.................
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I am not understanding your question. Let me get some clarification on a few things...

1. Who put you on Armour? Your pharmicist?

2. Why are you using Armour? Is it a PROVEN thyroid issue?

3. What symptoms are you having? Is it just weight?  ( if so... no-no)

4.You started on 2 grains.... How long were you one 2 grains - before you increased? - AND - increasing a WHOLE grain is not good... BTW.

5. Did you expect to lose weight right after the increase?
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Its amazing how some think a T4 med or Amour/Naturethroid will make you lose weight.
It just doesnt happen.
What makes you lose the weight is....stabilising the levels.
Nothing more, nothing less.
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Hi Stella! To answer your questions:

1)  My local GP agreed to switch me to Armour.  He also takes it so it wasnt a huge fight.
2)  My sister and mother have been diagnosed iwth Hashi's , and I with hypo 4 years ago.
3)  Cold feet, dry skin, weight gain, pre-hyst horrible cysts/periods, decreased sleep, depression.
4) 2 grains matched my synthroid, added the other grain after 3 weeks, as I have been taking it sublingual, felt great in morning and crashed in evening, cut it in half with less effect.

I don't expect to lose weight quickly, but it seems like nothing is happening in any of the areas I wanted to change.  Maybe I am expecting too much?  
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Are you dividing the dosages throughout the day? Explain the times you are taking it?
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BTW - what is TAH?
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Do you have the lastest labs to support why you are on the med?
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